According to the German research organization, Fraunhofer Society, innovative manufacturing technologies can increase the efficiency in production and the quality in products. And as technology evolves so does the manufacturing industry.

Most of the manual processes are now automated by machines and computers. Thus, there are a lot of changes in how things are done in an office or factor. In fact, we can already see companies like introducing better technology to the manufacturing sector. And we’ll be seeing more interesting developments swarm the industry in the next few years. This said, here are the top 5 sweeping manufacturing technology trends that have revolutionized how many manufacturing processes are done.


First on the list is the nanotechnology. Nanotechnology allows researchers to create really small machines. With these miniature machines, you can create things more precisely and efficiently. We can see nanotechnology being applied in computer processors, clothing, and medical technology. We can even expect micro-robots to start working in factories in the future.

3D Printing

3D printing is another technology that has created more efficiency in the manufacturing industry. While 3D printing is still quite new, many manufacturers will soon have to consider adopting it into their processing unit to keep up with the times. This technology will definitely change the way regular printing is done. 3D printing can be used with various materials like plastic, metal, etc.

Internet of Things

You’ve most likely heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) from tech articles. To give you an ideal, the IoT is a manufacturing technology that lets various devices connect with each other through the internet. This allows these devices to communicate with each other automatically without much help from humans. This is great for sending information from point A to point B without an operator being there. The IoT is especially useful in helping fix bugs and failures in a system.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is very popular in the business world these days. It makes use of a network on the internet to intelligently manage data. While most companies are already using it, the manufacturing sector hasn’t fully adopted it yet. However, more and more of them are slowly integrating cloud computing into their systems. It will only be a matter of time before cloud computing sweeps the whole industry.

Big Data

Lastly, we’ve got big data. Big data is a type of technology used for efficiently handling massive chunks of data. With the use of the internet, factories are able to pass information back and forth. This will help them effectively control each process intelligently and cut down inefficiencies. This may also help cut down costs in the long run.


The next few years are going to be really exciting because of all the new technology being invented. Older manufacturing companies will have to let go of their traditional methods and adapt to these new technologies. This’ll allow them to do things better.