When shopping around for stage rental in Orlando, equipment rental will have an impact on the space you will need and what you spend. But when looking for vendors to provide the equipment you need, it’s in your best interest to look beyond size and price. Though both are important, they only scratch is of how the rental will affect you and your event. Consider asking these five questions as well to better understand what you’re getting into—and to avoid potential disaster.

What Is Your Experience?

You’re hiring your equipment rental vendors like you would any other staff. Before making the final decision to partner with them, ask them the most basic interview question: what is your experience? You can use the number of years they’ve been in business as a sort of track record but dig a little deeper if you can. Ask how many clients they’ve worked with before (and be sure to check reviews and testimonials, too). Most importantly, make sure they’ve worked your type and size of the event before. Make certain that your needs and their experience line up.

What Types of Damages Are Covered?

Vendors know you don’t plan on damaging their equipment, but accidents happen. It’s important to know beforehand what they consider to be damaged and how much it could potentially cost you. Knowing their policy ahead of time can allow you to take any extra precautions necessary to keep their equipment in pristine condition and protect you from paying additional, unexpected fees.

Do You Handle Setup and Take Down?

Some vendors will only provide equipment, leaving setup and take down up to you. On one hand, this is usually less expensive than full service, but it requires you to have the staff on hand to effectively set up everything in a neat and timely fashion. If your crew doesn’t have the experience in staging equipment like this, you may want to go with a vendor that will set up and remove all the equipment themselves. It may be more expensive, but in exchange, you’ll know the job is being done correctly and quickly.

How Much Notice Do You Require If Changes Are Needed?

Despite even our best plans, the unexpected can still happen. If you find you need to make changes or, in the worst case scenario, cancel or postpone the event itself, vendors will require advance notice. Make sure you know what the time frame is so that you can give yourself enough time to act should your plans and needs change. Otherwise, you could end up paying the full cost or even additional fees.

Do You Provide Technical Staff?

The multimedia aspects of an event require knowledge of audio/visual equipment; rarely is it as simple as plugging everything in and hoping for the best. The technical skills of mixing, leveling, and even optimal arrangement of the equipment itself are best left to trained professionals. If your event will be reliant on screens, monitors, complex lighting and sound systems, or other multimedia elements, look for a professional event production company like American Audio Visual that can supply you with both the equipment and the staff who know how to use them.

If you’re looking for stage rental in Orlando, carefully consider everything a vendor provides and their policies before making your final choice. If you’re looking at just the sticker price, you may be overlooking unexpected costs, hidden fees, or find yourself needing additional staff to get everything you need to run your event smoothly.