The audience is ever changing, and any means of approaching them does exhaust after a given point of time. Any means that supports pitching business cannot be relied on for a long time and it requires modification since no part of the commerce sector is static anymore.

The novel and most effective way to increase business opportunities is to use an explainer video to pitch business. This opportunity has been identified and tapped by several explainer video production services, that have come up fairly recently. These Explainer Video Production Services are generating huge business for themselves by helping other companies generate and pitch in business.

Start ups are making great use of these explainer videos- and rightly, for these have several advantages:

1.Better than other methods
Pictorial representations have dominated advertisements since the very beginning because consumers have little to no interest in reading written content. However, pictures fail to adequately deliver a message most of the times. In this situation, an approach is needed that incorporates audio and video stimuli to grasp the attention of the audience works successfully.

Explainer videos remove the hurdles that other methods of pitching business have to face. They explain and establish facts and agendas quickly. The engaging interface allows for excellent communication, that beats textual communication.

A company can customise their explainer video however they want to in order to reflect their ideas, way of functioning, agendas, methods of execution and other things. They can also customise their content keeping their target groups and consumers in mind to make it attractive for the right group of people.

This way a company can develop their brand image and get people to trust the company and their products/services, by being able to form a virtual connection with the customers.


3.Ease and effectiveness


Studies conclude that sales improve by 80% with the help of explainer videos as the audience retains information a lot better. They are entertaining, grab attention and make lasting impressions. By using customised means to express themselves, companies are able to remove all doubts and guesses and properly outline their agendas and values.

4.Excellent reach

Not only are these videos available on the company’s website and pages, they can be easily shared by individuals on social media platforms, and significantly boost the online visibility of the company. The concept of a viral video is grounded on this, that the audience will respond in an excited manner and rapidly share the video, and the company wouldn’t have to worry about the reach as the audience acts as the publicist. Videos are the most popular medium for people to share information and advertise.


5.Better rank on Google search


Websites that contain endless pages of block texts and/or images do not rank well on Google search and do not receive much traffic and get low exposure. However, explainer videos help combat the issue and prevent the website from getting stale, and thereby less accessible.

The use of explainer videos has helped several companies to expand their reach and business and grow positively within the customer base to prove that you should definitely use an explainer video to pitch your business as well.