It is a known fact that water is a very crucial element for sustenance of life on earth. It’s important that humans drink adequate amount of water every day to keep themselves hydrated. Equally important is the container in which the water is stored! It has become more of a fad these days to drink bottled water. But, is this a good practice to follow? Not at all! Even if you fill water from the best RO water purifiers in plastic water bottles and store it for long duration, all the efforts of purifying it goes for a toss due to leaching of chemicals from the plastic bottle. Drinking bottled water is very dangerous not only for the health but also for the environment. Read on to find out why you should not drink bottled water.

Leaching of Chemicals

This is one of the main reasons why you should avoid bottled water. The chemicals present in plastic bottles can leach in, thus contaminating the water in it. BPA (Bisphenol) is the most harmful industrial chemical present in plastics, which could cause health disorders of the brain and behaviour.

Harmful to the Environment:

Most plastic bottles are made of non-biodegradable products. After manufacturing, they are required to be transported to the local markets or convenience stores. This consumes a lot of fossil fuel adding to the pollution. Most of the bottles are not recyclable and get mixed with soil in landfills or consumed by animals, which have severe consequences. So, make it a point to avoid plastic water bottles.

It Is Simply Treated Tap Water

People have a belief that bottled water is way better than tap water. This is actually a myth because bottled water is just overpriced tap water. We expect purity and quality when we pay a higher price for bottled water, but actually, a majority of it is just tap water. Instead of opting for bottled water, you can get RO water purifiers installed and filter the tap water you get at home.

A Better Alternative for Carrying Water:

Many people use plastic water bottles to carry water when they are on the go. Instead, they can choose steel or copper bottles. This would be beneficial not only for your health but also for the environment.  Even a small step towards protecting the atmosphere can be beneficial and saying a complete ‘no’ to use of bottled water can be one of them.

There’s No Proof That It’s Better

Though many people may believe that bottled water is extremely safe for consumption, there is no evidence in support of this belief. There is absolutely no proven reason, which makes bottling water better than tap water. Instead of paying a high price for bottled water, drinking purified tap water is more optimal and advisable.

Hope the above reasons for not using bottled water compels you to think out of the box and take steps towards eliminating its use, thus making it beneficial for health as well as saving the environment.