“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day”– said no gourmand ever.

Monsoons in India is synonymous with spicy, tangy, and scrumptiously delightful food items. When the sky starts turning into different shades of blue, and the scorching heat of the summer is almost over, it is time to relish some delicious food. It doesn’t matter whether it is a slight drizzle or a torrential downpour, this list of 7 monsoon food items in India will remind you how a rainy day should be celebrated! So for all the foodventure out there, it is time to gorge on lip-smacking desi food as Indian food tastes 10 times better when it is raining. Happy Cravings. Go slurp!

Garma Garam Chai

A hot cup of cutting chai in the monsoon is a combination which is inseparable. Feeling bored? Let’s have tea. Want to talk about something important? Let’s talk about it over tea! Bored at work? Tea will surely refresh things up. Tea is nothing less than a friend, a healer and a true companion. And so, when it starts raining like cats and dogs, make yourself a cup of garma garam chai and enjoy the monsoons like never before!

Crunchy And Spicy Pakodas

Mention rain, and the first thought that instantly follows after garma garam chai is a plate of freshly made yummy pakodas. Chop up some of your favourite vegetables, dunk them in a batter and fry away a quick, delicious snack. Dip the pakodas in a spicy chutney and get ready to lose yourself to the crunch.

Grab A Finger-Licking Samosa

A favorite snack of every Indian, samosa is one of the best monsoon items in India. Samosa being a gastronomical delight, tastes the best when it is raining. So when there is a sudden downpour make sure to savour this particular item.

A Flavoursome Bhutta

When the monsoon strikes and the dark clouds gather, a delicious boiled or roasted corn is what you need to dig in for a feel-good experience. Also, why not plan a trip to a gorgeous beach destination this monsoon? With cheap flights to Goa, you really don’t wish to miss the chance of munching on corn besides a lovely beach, right? Now with great hotels in Goa, what are you even waiting for? Plan a trip right now.

A Plate Of Homemade Khichdi

When the night is full of thunder and lightning, one should opt for a plate of homemade khichdi. Mother of all comfort foods, khichdi tastes the best during a rainy night. Do not forget to add a dollop of desi ghee to make it even tastier.

Hot Fried Jalebi Dipped In Sugar Syrup

Someone who has a sweet tooth doesn’t need a reason to relish the mouthwatering, twisted jalebi, right? But having jalebi during the monsoons is a different experience altogether. Do try the hot fried jalebis with freshly made rabdi to experience something extremely scrumptious this rainy season.

Chatpata Chaat

Another drool-worthy food item to spice up the monsoons is a plate of freshly prepared chaat. So, while it rains heavily outside, and you get all broody and sulky, make yourself a plate of this lip-smacking dish.

This list of 7 monsoon items in India will surely keep you delighted throughout the rainy season. Till we meet again, happy monsoon folks!