Media attention is a big deal these days. Every product, service and business needs media attention to spread its message around the town. Since, media gives your business too much exposure to handle it requires a bit hassle in return. Using the right steps and correct means to enter the world of media attention is the accurate beginning to get ready for the popularity of your business. Media not only promotes your business but it also takes you closer to viewers’ and audience’s genuine response. Take adequate steps and you will know how to attract positive media attention.

According to NewswireNEXT ( following are the best nine ways which will help you become attractive enough to get measurable attention from media.

  1. Win hearts with charity: Collecting charity and raising funds is a noble act. Do it only when you are personally passionate about it. Don’t feel down if you don’t get media coverage because getting media attention for charity is not the part of plan. But yes, do mention it in your interviews or whenever you confront people from media. This will paint a very positive image in their mind.
  2. Organize events and parties: Parties and annual events do attract attention of media. You might throw a celebration for achieving a milestone or it may be a musical night. The lavish, the better. Glamour and glitter is bait for media. Wherever they see it, they follow it. They might not give you coverage now but they surely will few events later. Your event might be blockbuster and attract their attention in the first shot, who knows?
  3. Reveal your new products or services: Launching and unveiling your new product, service or business extension is an attention seeking news already. Your staff, media and even viewers and audience is equally interested in knowing about your addition to business. Try to give much customer friendly information and exposure to it so that side by side your product gets value and advertisement both.
  4. Emotional setups: Well, the audience as well as media’s attention is easy to win through emotional but intriguing speeches and talk shows. You need to develop feelings in the hearts of journalists and reporters. They look for content which must be engaging. Emotionally feeding them always works.
  5. Link your personal story to a rising national issue: Dig through your life history and find an event, news or a personal story which is relevant to the current affairs. It might be something near to the country or your business or media. Relevant connections often find space in media outlets.
  6. Engaging life transformations: Tell your success story. Media is highly interested in knowing how you scored triumph. Tell them about the ups and downs which came your way. Make your story presentable with additional sources and references.
  7. Competitions: Organizing competitions and contests around the city are also attention seeking tactics. Of course, competitions are sponsored and media coverage is also there. It increases your chance to grab their attention.
  8. Write a book: This one helps you in long run. You write a book and it gives you revenue as well as it proves to be a gateway for you to enter into the interest books of readers and other people. This is a smart use of print media.
  9. Fulfill their requirements: There are portions in newspapers, magazines and even online as well where there you can book a slot and place your content. Media wants to sell the slots. And you can buy it. Buyers do get attention.

Go through these immediate and very simple techniques which will surely drag the spotlight to you.