There are various CT scan in Hyderabad centres and before we get into details, one should have a concise idea on what the scan is all about. It goes by the name of computed tomography or short form stands to be CT scan. With the help of this scan the doctor are in a better position to figure out what is happening inside your body. With the help of a computer and x rays the pictures of your organs, tissues along with other body parts are presented to the doctor. In comparison to a regular X ray a lot of important things come to the fore. One can avail a CT scan in any part of their body as it is a painless procedure and it is not going to take a lot of time.

The working method of CT scan?

With a narrow X ray beam it formulates a circle on the part of your body. A series of images from various angles are presented. With the help of this a computer goes on to formulate a cross sectional image. It can be compared to a loaf of bread where a two dimensional scan goes on to reveal the inside of your body.

The entire procedure is repeated to foster a variety of cells. What the computer does is that it stacks the scans on top of each other whereby an in depth image of the organs, blood vessels or bones are formed. Say for example a surgeon may look at this type of scan to observe the tumour from various angles to verify the tumour before preparing for an operation.

How it is undertaken?

The best CT scan centre in Hyderabad suggests that it is undertaken at a radiology clinic or a reputed hospital. In most cases the doctor is going to advice you on not to eat or drink anything a few hours before the procedure. It is suggested that you have to wear a hospital gown and any metal objects that are in your body has to be removed.

The radiology technology person is going to undertake a CT scan. During the course of this test you are going to lie down on a large donut shaped CT scan machine. The table is going to move in a slow manner through the scanner and then the x rays rotate around the body. A normal noise in the form of buzzing or whizzing is heard at this point of time. If you move it can blur the image and it is suggested that you remain still at this point of time. During the course of the procedure you might have to hold your breath at all times.

The entire duration of the scan is going to depend on what body parts are being put to scan. From a few minutes to a few hours the procedure of scanning might take place. You are likely to go home on the same day after the scan is done.

The reasons why a CT scan is needed in the first place

The doctors are going to suggest a CT scan for a variety of reasons that are as follows

  • With CT scans you can detect joint along with bone problems. This could be tumours or complex bone fractures
  • If you are suffering from certain disorders like liver disease, cancer or a heart disease with a CT scan the doctor can go on to spot any major changes
  • Any bleeding or internal injuries are revealed which might be caused by a car accident
  • It could indicate the occurrence of an infection, blood clot, excess fluid or a tumour
  • The doctors go on to rely on them as a guide for various treatment and procedures in the form of radiation therapy, surgeries or biopsies to name a few
  • The doctors can rely on this type of scan to understand whether some type of treatment is working or not in the first place. Say for example scans over a tumour for a regular period of time could show whether that particular type of treatment is working or not.

The definition of a CT scan with a contrast?

When you opt for a CT scan certain substances like bone that are dense are fairly ease to see. There are chances that the soft tissues might not show up as well. In the image they might go on to look a lot faint. In order to ensure that they look clear there is a need for a special type of dye that you can use that goes by the name of contrast material. It blocks the x ray and on the scan it appears white. It reveals more about the blood vessels tissues along with other organs of the body. These materials are normally incorporated from barium sulphate or iodine. These drugs you can receive normally in 3 major ways.


Via the medium of an injection it is directly inserted on to the vein. It is undertaken to help the urinary tract, blood vessels or the gall bladder to stand out during the course of an image.


If you drink a fluid with a contrasting material it does enhance the scans of the digestive tract which ensures effective pathway of food throughout the body.


In case if your intestines are being scanned you can insert the contrasting material in your rectum.

Once the CT scan is over you are advised to drink in plenty of fluids so that the contrasting material is being removed from your body.

Do you consider any risks with a CT scan?

CT scans go on to rely on the use of X rays to ionize radiation. Research does point to the fact that such a sort of radiation can cause a lot of harm to the DNA and in due course chances of cancer increase. But at the same time the chances of developing a cancer is relatively on the smaller side.