It’s not too strange to see famous Hollywood stars on the coast Of Croatia during the summer. But have you ever wonder what makes this country so attractive to celebrities? Well, besides its pristine beaches, lush green forests, and spectacular monuments, Croatia is also known for its laid-back coastal lifestyle that is inspired by the Mediterranean style of living. Quite a contrast to stressful lifestyle of Hollywood. In Croatia, life moves at a relaxed pace, ensuring that the locals, as well as the tourists, get ample time to admire the beauty of the country. This is the reason why many regular travelers and celebrities end up making Croatia their permanent home and decide to never leave this paradise on earth.

Relaxed Coastal Way Of Living

From the quirky cafes that add life to the colorful streets, to the bustling markets selling everything from fresh seafood to local handicrafts, Croatia offers several places to enjoy the smaller pleasures of life in a leisurely manner. This carefree coastal way of living can be experienced by visiting the sun-soaked bays where tourists and locals enjoy the cool sea breeze or by wandering through the rustic coastal towns that display the old school lifestyle. From the fishing ports of Vis to the fruit markets of Makarska, each part of the country exhibits the local culture that believes in enjoying every moment of life.

Pleasant Climate And Pristine Nature

In Croatia, you will be greeted by cloudless skies, sparkling beaches, and a cool breeze that carries the scent of the sea. Add to this the allure of the natural wonders of the region and you will never be able to bid adieu to these glorious seashores. The national parks of the country have protected several delightful landscapes and rare species of flora and fauna from getting destroyed at the hands of urbanization. The massive saltwater lakes of Mljet National Park, the breathtaking canyons at Paklenica National Park, and the gurgling waterfalls of Krka National Park are only a few of the natural gems of the region that will sweep you off your feet.

Rich Cultural Background

The streets of Croatian towns are lined with opulent palaces, mighty forts, and ancient churches that sing the tales of the marvelous history of the region. The country celebrates art and architecture and pays homage to its traditional roots in the form of jubilant carnivals throughout the year. The sprawling museums of Croatia hold artifacts from different chapters of history and you can easily get lost in these intriguing mazes that criss-cross through time. Be it the stone walls that surround Dubrovnik, the Diocletian’s Palace which is now a home to the residents of Split, or the medieval sculptures that adorn the lanes of Opatija, every city of Croatia boasts of its own historical gems that add to the allure of the towns.

Affordable Expenses Of Living

Believe it or not, some Hollywood stars can be careful about their spending just like us. So it’s worth mentioning that Croatia is a budget-friendly destination where the cost of basic amenities is fairly affordable when compared to other European nations. The price of property in Croatia is also pretty reasonable, which encourages many travelers to build a home in this beautiful country. Everything, from food items to transportation, is quite affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, Croatia is the perfect travel destination for wise spenders, and an equally appealing country to move to on a permanent basis if you wish to buy some real estate surrounded by magnificent monuments and the most vibrant hues of nature.

These are some of the reasons why many Hollywood stars and celebrities are visiting Croatia and often feel compelled to return to this breathtaking nation. If you too are looking for a stunning location in the lap of nature and wish to embrace a joyful and carefree lifestyle then Croatia is the place to be.