Buying a gift for your siblings can be hard. There is a lot of pressure because you know they will call you out if you don’t get them something they like. You need to get a gift that is not only useful but is also something that they will like for a present. We have searched a lot and prepared this list of amazing gifts to give to your brother on his birthday:

A Grooming Kit

A grooming kit might just be exactly what your brother needs. It contains everything a man can need to take care of him. This includes hair styling products, shower gel, trimmer, shaving kit, face wash, deodorant, moisturizer, lip balm, etc. You can even add a funny side note to the gift reading “you need it so badly”. This gift can prove to very useful and of course, your brother is going to love it. You can also send cakes online alongside the grooming kit.Watch

You can never go wrong with a watch. It gives an appearance of class that no other accessory can offer. There are several options available giving you a wide choice in design, colour, brand, etc. If you don’t have time to visit a store, you can easily buy a watch online. Almost all brands now sell their collection online. There are some sites that provide you with the option to engrave something on the watch. You can engrave your brother’s nickname or date of birth. You can have the gift straight delivered to your brother’s home. You can even send flowers online to surprise your brother.


If your brother likes sports, you can get him tickets to his favourite game and if possible, for his favourite team. You can go along with him and have a sibling’s day out. But you might want to plan this gift ahead because if time runs out, you might not be able to get the tickets. And if you can afford to work hard a little, you can arrange to get an autograph of his favourite sports idol. You can also get him sports gear as an additional gift.

Travelling Gear

If your brother likes to travel, you can get him a travelling gear. This can include a travelling bag, hiking kit, first aid kit, trekking shoes, etc. You can even plan a trip with him. Take him to one of the places that he always wanted to visit. It doesn’t matter whether it is mountains or beaches, you both will surely have a time of your life.Fun T-Shirts

It is more of a joke gift. You can get him a t-shirt that says the world’s greatest brother or just the one that reads the world’s okayest brother. There are so many websites that give you the option to create your own design. These are not very expensive and will definitely prove to be a special and fun gift for your brother. You can send these t-shirts and send some flowers online to remind them how much you love them.