I go to work, I go for excursions, I travel a considerable measure as it is my obsession. Wherever I go, I favor attempting the nearby cooking accessible. To begin with, my origination Kerala. This is a state with rich and differed nourishment culture(but not investigated by non-Malayalis). You venture out from North Kerala to South and you will get the chance to taste the most conventional Kerala food. On the off chance that there is a celebration, there is more outlandish nourishment. All things considered, so, its a paradise for foodies. Kerala is a decent place for the two veggie lovers and non-vegetarians. On the off chance that you design your excursion in the correct season, at that point you will have the capacity to appreciate the hot and yummy nearby nourishment alongside delightful landscape and exquisite climate. Some breakfast combos you should attempt when you visit Kerala, in fact I will state Must Try are:


If you get a kick out of the chance to have an overwhelming and sound breakfast, attempt Puttu ( Steamed Rice Cake). Puttu is produced using rice flour, it’s made by steaming the rice flour blend finished with ground coconut.

Puttu with Kadala(chana) curry or Putu with stew or with Banana and sugar or papadam(papad). One of the yummiest Vegan breakfast.

For the non-veg fans, you can attempt Puttu with angle curry or Chicken curry or Chicken Stew.


kerala food

Appam looks like hotcake/dosa with thin and dried up edges, its fundamentally somewhat sweet and made by rice flour, sugar and matured coconut water (the principle explanation behind all taste). On the off chance that you like hotcake then you will kick the bucket for this one.

Appam and Stew is the most fundamental and staple vegetarian breakfast. Appam and dry coconut chutney likewise make a decent breakfast combo.

Eggetarians can attempt Appam and Egg broil.

For the non-veggie lovers, You can go for Appam and Fish moly or Appam and chicken stew or Appam and chicken curry.


kerala food

Idiyappam: Idiyappam is another steamed rice dish. It resembles sound and delicate rice noodles. This is the best portrayal I can give, yet a sound sustenance since no oil is utilized. Idiyappam is set up by steaming thick rice hitter. You require an idiyappam creator to attempt this one 🙂

Idiyappam with coconut drain and sugar is one blend while idiyappam with kadala curry (channa curry) and Idiyappam with Stew is another yummy breakfast for vegetarian sweethearts.

Non-veggie lovers can attempt idiyappam with Chicken stew or Fish curry or Fish molee.

kerala kappa

kerala food

Kappa and Chammanthi (Tapioca and Chutney): Kappa is custard and chammanthi is chutney. Custard is overflowed with a squeeze of salt and different flavors. This is then presented with hot green bean stew chutney. One of the conventional veggie lover breakfast.

On the off chance that you are a non-vegan, you should attempt Kappa with angle curry. One of the yummiest blends.

kerala porotta

kerala food

Most of us will be acquainted with Kerala porotta, it’s made of maida(wheat porottas are additionally accessible) . This is a layered porotta which is decent and yummy. Kerala porotta with veg kuruma (blended veg) curry is useful for vegans. For eggetarians, Kerala porotta with the egg dish or egg curry is likewise great. For the non-veg sweetheart, you should attempt Kerala porotta with Chicken Curry or Fish curry or Mussel sear or Prawns Fry. There are numerous more combo, infact Kerala porotta and any non-veg curry or thick sauce will be a decent combination. Its a substantial breakfast considering the way that porotta is produced using maida, reasonable breakfast on the off chance that you need to walk long separation or do some diligent work.

These are a portion of the breakfasts other than the typical Idly, dosa, roti and so on And NO, we don’t eat Rice and Sambar for breakfast, many individuals had made this inquiry 😀 We will speak more about Kerala food (lunch, supper) soon, alongside some super yummy snacks as well. Continue dribbling. 😛

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