Women who live in Asian countries admire traditional outfits and among these are Abayas. Not in Asian country but this type of attire is appreciated worldwide. Abayas is the name for Abaya and is mostly worn by Muslim women and also women living in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. These Abayas although come in different colors and different styles but the most preferred and common among this is black colored Aba. These different styles and colors have come now in trend otherwise earlier there used to be a single black color Aba with simple design.

Modest fashion

This term refers to the clothing in which less skin part is visible. This fashion trend is just to cover the maximum part of the body and in Muslim is preferred most because women are not allowed to step out without wearing womens Abayas online. This term ‘modest fashion’ originally established in the mid-2000s because the designers were traditional themselves and so created traditional dresses for women. This shows how to respect your culture as by wearing full length outfit also women looks much pretty than western dresses. Islam is one of the richest and biggest cultures in the world and for Islam Women Abayas plays a vital role in their life.

What is Abaya?

Abaya is an outfit which covers the whole body except head, hands and feet. These Abayas are large and wrapped from shoulders or head. It is also worn with a niqab that covers your face but not eyes. Designers try and keep doing efforts to bring latest designs in women Abaya online.In different countriesdifferent color of Abaya is preferred like in Arab states of Persian Gulf black Aba and in Turkish colored Abayas.

Types of Abayas

  • Open button Abaya–This Abaya has buttons in front and is most popular and is considered most stylish. With this kind of Abaya you need to wear pants because when you walk it will show off your legs.
  • Closed Abaya–With no front buttons this type of Aba is considered the simplest one. No need to wear pants while wearing a closed Abaya.
  • The Abaya cardi–No front buttons in front but has a belt and is considered one of the modern designs in Abaya. For Abaya cardi you need to wear a top and pant over it.
  • Readymade Abaya – This type of designer Abayas online are exclusively designed on customer‘s demand. And these are mostly worn by college going girls and office going women or girls.

Maxi dresses, scarves, flowing dresses, tunics and many more styles comes under the category of modest fashion. To be simple but attractive is modest fashion. And you can buy designer Abayas online where you can get variety of designs and styles in Aba. Online stores offer you wider choice with discount offers too. When we talk about modesty it is both a lifestyle and a fashion choice and these styles are shared on various social media websites. There are pages on social websites like Facebook, Instagram where people sell these outfits with latest designs.