Owning a car requires you to familiarize yourself with the parts your vehicle has. The “mag” in the term “mag wheels” is magnesium, which is the typical material found in the wheels and rims of cars. Originally used for racing because of their lightweight features, these wheels have become popular among consumers, particularly car enthusiasts trying to enhance the overall look of their vehicles. Nowadays, the term has come to refer all types of wheels and rims that are available in the market, whether custom-made or otherwise or made out of other metal components such as aluminum.

Truly, wheels and rims are very important parts of a vehicle as they hold the rubber tyres in place. Without these parts, a car would be rendered useless. Because of the importance of wheels and rims, their availability in the market provided consumers with a wide variety of options in terms of the material used in making them, their design, and their sizes.

Any car enthusiast must be able to identify what they want before they could shop for their favored set of wheels and rims. The first thing they would always look at is the type of wheel and rim, which is often determined by the material found in them. Here are some of common types found in most vehicles today:

Alloy Wheels

These are made from a combination of metals, usually magnesium and aluminum. Because of their lightweight and heat conduction properties, their durability and their capability to enhance the appearance of any vehicle, alloy wheels are deemed the best choice among car enthusiasts. In fact, in terms of performance, alloy wheels allow for better handling, especially when braking.

Aluminum Wheels

Like alloy wheels, these types of wheels are lightweight and are a popular option for many car enthusiasts They are usually made of cast or forged aluminum, and come in a lot of sizes that fit different cars.

Mag Wheels

These wheels are, as already mentioned, made of magnesium. But unlike alloy wheels and aluminum wheels, they are quite heavy. They don’t corrode as much, but they are highly flammable.

Aluminum Wheels

These wheels are actually made of aluminum, but these are coated with layers of chrome. Their shine often grabs the attention of any onlooker, but an even greater thing about these wheels and rims is that they are corrosion resistant unlike alloy or alloy wheels. Also, chrome wheels are well-suited for those who live in areas where rain or snow are commonplace.

Teflon Wheels

Layered with Teflon, these wheels and rims are installed in off-road types of vehicles and for those who drive in harsh climates.

In selecting the best type of wheels and rims, consumers must be able to consider their sizes. Sports cars would often require wheels of larger diameters. For sedans and other vehicles, smaller ones are often chosen. For a more informed choice, however, it is important for consumers to check with the specifications of their vehicles so that they know the size of their wheels. Also, driving conditions must be considered before choosing the type of wheels and rims.

It is likewise important to consider the retailer or the wheels and rims store where you will get the items. As a consumer, you should know how to discriminate good stores from mediocre ones. If you want to know which store will provide you the best for your budget, you would want to visit review sites that have customer feedbacks on the stores where you are planning to buy wheels. It is also helpful ask for advice and recommendations from your friends or colleagues who have prior experience in wheel shopping.