The communication system: Need of the system

Communication system in one of the fastest growing system that id present in this earth. This system is also in great need in this present universe. In this age of the social media and the smart phones a good communication system is very much needed. It has a wide range of its usage and also in a very large dimension as well. Today we are able to contact anybody in a few seconds just to convey our messages. Important messages which previously took a lot of time to reach the desired place is now very much easy to send and also easy to explain also. A people living in another part of the world can be reached and also given that valuable information which in the previous time was very much problematic for the absence of the technology and also for the under development in this area of the work. In 21st century there are many companies that work in this business and also advancing in this business in a very fast way so that they are able to make this communication system very much effective also. Peoples in good number are also learning as well as they are helping the company to get their desired goals for making a better system day by day.

How the system work

There are two basic thing on the basis of which this communication system works. The work of the communication is basically a network. This network is an electrical network and the manipulation of the electrical signals and its intensities helps the workers to build a better suited system and thus day by day we are getting the updates. This system consists of the semi-conductors and the transmitters for the work. Semiconductors is a device that might be a solid or liquid however it is very much a chemical material that helps in the conduction of the electrical impulse nor the signals. They can also conduct radiations like the IR or the Infra-Red radiations. On the other hand there is the transmitters. These transmitters are the devices that also the forms the integrated circuit of IC core which is definitely used in this communication technology. They help is producing radio waves and with the help of it they transmits the signal in a proper way with which human beings are able to understand the desired message. Other than normal purpose this system has a lot of other uses as well. They are very much utilized in the defense system of each and every country and many more to follow.


Very Large scale Integration is system that bring thousands of these transmitter and the conductors in a same platform that helps the process of the communication in a large scale as the name suggests. To know this technology proper education needed. There are many VLSI project institutes in Bangalore that gives the students good exposure as well as good opportunity to work in it.

Proper knowledge gaining

These projects helps the students to gain proper technical knowledge so that they are able to cope up with all the problems and the upgrades that these companies wants them to do.

Designing the work

There are also many VLSI design training institute in Bangalore that gives a better technical as well as the theoretical design for the work.