Application development acquires a new dimension with the use of artificial intelligence. All the top companies use machine learning and artificial intelligence to further their business aims. Connecting to millions of uses is possible only through the use of Big Data. This is why the three of them always go together.

Different languages in use

You can improve the personalisation, user profiles, incorporate voice interface and smarter search by using artificial intelligence. Here we see which languages help in developing artificial intelligence.

  • Python
  • Lisp
  • Java
  • R
  • Prolog

Python tops the list because it is so simple to use. You can learn and begin using Python within a day. You can incorporate many AI algorithms in Python and the development time is lesser compared to Ruby, C++, or Java. You can procedure oriented style, functional style, and object oriented style with Python. The work becomes easy because there are plenty of libraries.

Leading languages for AI

John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence invented Lisp. It helps one use symbolic language effectively. It has good prototyping capabilities along with automatic garbage collection. It development cycle is such that it recompiles the functions even when the program is running. These features are now available in many other languages which prove the effectiveness of Lisp in artificial intelligence development.

Prolog is another of the frontrunners in the field of artificial intelligence along with Lisp. The data structuring is tree-based and gives efficient pattern matching. It also has automatic backtracking. Because of all this, the programming framework is very flexible.

Top companies using AI

The top companies that use artificial intelligence in their daily business activities include the following:

  1. DeepMind
  2. Google
  3. IBM
  4. Microsoft

Technically DeepMind belongs to the Google Company. But, they use it for research and treat it as an independent entity. It has achieved some impressive feats from the scientific viewpoint. Go is a complicated game but the designers in DeepMind succeeding in programming DeepMind so it could defeat the best Go players in the world. It also has superior voice synthesis for AI services.

Google is expanding its research into neural networks and artificial intelligence. The result of the work done by the scientists at Google has resulted in applications like HDR+ photography, Google Photos, and Google Assistant. Watson IBM appeared in Jeopardy and created a lasting impression in viewers. All human players got trounced. Using the algorithm collection in Watson, one can develop a better understanding of natural language and process huge amounts of data that is so much needed in fields like cybersecurity and healthcare.

Involvement of Microsoft

A desktop computer is the main focus for Microsoft and it has developed software for the users over the years. It has invested heavily in artificial intelligence in an effort to make Windows AI-centric. Along with Facebook, they created Open Neural Network Exchange. This is a standard for AI code. The Azure Machine Learning Workbench is an alternative to Google’s AutoML.

The field of artificial intelligence poses great challenges. The developers are busy working on solutions for the mass media and individual consumers. It may not be long before we have robots that talk and sing.