Goa is a state that differs from many other states not only by its culture but also numerous other things that can make one enjoy the visit of the state to a great extent. One of such attractive feature of this state is the presence of some casinos. Among all these, the Deltin Royale Casino is a leading one.

When one is in Goa, there are a plethora of distractions to amuse, entertain and inspire. With its innumerable beaches, beautiful forts, awe-inspiring waterfalls, flora and fauna, history and culture, Goa has much to offer. However, the fun does not end there. There are multiple options to avail if one is looking for some high-end entertainment and world-class hospitality. One of the classiest options up for grabs is the experience doled out by the Deltin Royale Casino, which has international games like games at talkmug.com, exciting restaurants, and enthralling live entertainment.

One of India’s biggest gaming vessels, the Deltin Royale Casino boasts of over seven hundred gaming positions spread across four levels. What’s more tempting is that the Deltin Royale includes a special and exclusive VIP section as well.  In terms of its repertoire, the Deltin Royale can compete with the best international casinos, the likes of which are found in Las Vegas and Reno.

Deltin Royale has skilled and well-trained dealers, multiple stake-level games as well as safety and security assured by its brand value. With lavish rooms, gourmet cuisines, top-notch service and live performances by famous artists, to say that the Deltin Royale offers luxury would be an understatement. Additionally, the Deltin Royale has a family-friendly atmosphere and several tailor-made packages suited to serve every need.  To top it all off, all of these experiences are enjoyed while floating on the serene waters of the Mandovi river in Panjim, which also gives a breathtaking view.

The minimum ticket pricing is Rs.3000 for weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and Rs.4000 for the weekends (Friday to Sunday). There are of course premium packages available as well, and these packages are recommended for a more well-rounded and enhanced experience. The Premium packages are also decided along the lines of weekdays and weekends with the former priced at Rs. 4500 and the later costing Rs. 5500. The Deltin Royale is a classy place and admits people dressed with an amount of sophistication. Hence, dress code strictures are in place. To enjoy the mind-blowing experience afforded by the Deltin Royale, one must be dressed in formals or smart casuals. Sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, and chappals are strictly disallowed. Ladies and children have some advantage when it comes to packages for it are priced slightly lower. There are also bookings available for large groups as well as packages for people who are looking to stay a bit longer than just one night. A plethora of performances is always lined up for those who are not into gambling. Music of different varieties, ranging from  Classical to Popular, from Indian to Western, from Jazz to Indie-Rock are played to entertain one’s sensibilities. Famous dancers also grace the stage at the DeltinRoyale. In short, the Deltin Royale Casino is an experience of a lifetime, and that too at affordable prices.

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