Recently we found ourselves watching Erin Brockovich (alright, we confess – that was like for the nth time that we saw it!). But if you haven’t watched it yet, (wait what!? were you living under a rock all this time?) then we highly recommend you to do so right away!

Released in the year 2000 or so, the movie is still considered a classic. Back then, it was streaming on TCM channel and that’s when we realised that we’ve probably watched this film several times than we could ever count on our fingers (it’s that fascinating, mind you!)

It’s comes as no surprise that Julia Robert’s eye-catching depiction of a tenacious and dynamic legal clerk earned her that academy award. Not to mention the fabulous role played by Albert Finney as her employer.In fact, the complete storyline in itself is mesmerising!

Well, if truth be told, without Erin Brockovich, this story would never have got the much-needed limelight. Being a legal clerk, this young woman opened up a huge case. When the attorneys were all set to settle it out for a meagre amount and pay no heed to its contents, Erin was the one who dove in headfirst.

That being said, it’s pretty clear as to how much we could learn from her; which is why we’ve put together 8 lessons that we all must take in stride!

So, let’s get started.

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

In the movie, when Erin was told that some of the women in the office weren’t really at ease because of the way she dressed, her only reply to that was, “I do not care! I will wear what I like.”

Similarly, only when you start embracing your personal style, will you be able to feel comfortable in your clothes. Never dress the way others might want you to; in fact, dress up however you wish to.

No Attorney Is Perfect

If someone could easily point out flaws in a person, it was none other than Erin. Regardless of whether they were educated or not, they had nothing on her. Accountants, doctors or even attorneys for that matter, each one of them are human beings in the very first place. They are capable of missing out a point or two and committing mistakes, but Erin was one person who was not only aware of it, but was completely prepared to help them out.

Simply because you’re an amateur, it does not mean you cannot chip in and help the professionals out. This being one of the most vital lessons, you’ve got to starting valuing your ideas and confidently share them irrespective of whom you’re working with.

Be Firm on Your Decisions

When it feels like getting out of bed is next to impossible… simply put one foot on the floor and then the other. Make yourself a cup of coffee and get going. But why do all of this, right? Well, you never know when something amazing might happen to you (announcements like “today is going to be the day when you’ll make all the difference.” doesn’t come knocking at your bedroom door!)

Erin could’ve easily quit the case, but come what may she kept walking against all odds till the time she got a break. Later when she got another break, she didn’t stop… until BAAM!!! The case was opened with a bang!

Given the situation, if Erin wouldn’t have been firm with her decisions, this story wouldn’t be brought into being and people would’ve been clueless about the impure water in Hinkley.

Do Not Worry About the Biggies

Always stand up for what is right! Do not keep it in, instead speak up. Do not let their power and position intimidate you, because you are more dominant than you might know when you’ve fixed your mind on something.

Never Give Up!

How will you achieve things if you happen to quit well before giving it a try? Though this might be related to firmness, when you give up on something it ultimately means that you aren’t giving yourself the chance to analyse your tenacity. So, no matter what, never give up!

Always Pay Heed

Everyone loves telling their stories. But only when you truly value them and pay heed to it, will you be able to find yourself some answers. Erin was always paid attention to what people Hinkley had to say. She treated everyone equally and as a unique personality they were and not like yet another case.

So, what are you waiting for? Go take a leaf out of Erin’s book and be as tenacious and lively as she was!