It is bliss to travel around with little stress on your mind. Once in a few months, you’ll find the nature lover in you wandering in the forests, hiking or trailing across nature parks. The experienced hikers are always geared up before they leave for even the smallest trekking trip. However, in the earlier times, one tends to forget a lot of essential gears required for a hiking or trekking trip. It is natural considering all the excitement and enthusiasm prior the trip that affects the preparations. But, it is vital to understand that certain crucial things may not be found when you are in a crisis.

Before you end up making another mistake, let’s look at some useful and mandatory trekking gears for you. It need not necessarily be the sophisticated items pro-hikers and pro-trekkers own. These basic items of survival will make you less worrisome during a trek.

Basic gears

Your primary gears include all the items that fall under sustainable living- food, shelter and clothing. SO, pack a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated (at least 2, one ltr each) and a few munching items like energy bars, dry fruits, ORS, trail mix, etc. so you don’t fall unconscious while climbing. They will maintain your optimum energy level. Don’t carry food items that take up substantial space in your backpack, which brings us to the utmost essential element- a well-equipped bag with comfortable straps. You’ll need a medical kit which can be filled by consulting the doctor. To keep your vision sharp, add a head torch and a hand torch to your list. A good walking stick is advisable on stony paths. Carry a rain cover to avoid the untimely rainy weather.


Your head is a delicate part, and it needs protection by all means. From the heat to the rain, your head is exposed to a lot of criticalities. To keep your head in proper shape, carry a sun cap, a hat or a woollen cap. If you plan on regular trekking and hiking trips, buy a cap that will help you in the long run. Also, carry U/V protected sunglasses to avoid direct eye contact with harmful sunrays.

Comfort clothes

I believe that treks should be completed without any irritation alongside. Comfortable, breathable clothes that dry quickly are preferable. Loose trousers, cargo styled pants are suitable as travel pants. A fleece t-shirt and a full-sleeved t-shirt goes well with it. Carry a jacket and thermal inners to keep you warm. It’s wise not to load your bag with casual clothes. Space can be utilized by other essential items you may need in the end.

Shoes to choose

Shoes are the base for a trek or a hike, literally! Wrong shoes limit the distance of your walk, damage your leg to an extent and build stress. A good pair of shoes offers you comfort quality and protection. It outweighs any other hiking gear ever purchased. If you are looking forward to trekking a lot, save and invest money in a pair of waterproof, warm, sturdy, lightweight shoes that give a firm grip on slippery surfaces and protect your ankle. You can take up free vouchers on
to get a substantial discount on travel shoes and also on bags.

Personal supplies

Personal utilities do not involve makeup and accessories! It’s just a few handy things that you might need in the crisis. Hand sanitizer to kill the unwanted germs, sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns (preferably SPF 70), toiletries, garbage bags (not littering around in the forest), quick dry towel, a moisturizer and a lip balm, all these will help you with hygiene and maintenance in between nowhere. For a one day trek, you need not carry a lot of these as you’d be returning within no time.

Trek route or map

It’s better to have a map than whine if you get lost. A hard copy of your trekking route, if kept handy, will save a lot of time. Although cell phones have GPS, it has limited battery life, and you most definitely do not want to run out of battery.

Power bank

Smartphones are always tucked in our hands wherever we go, but there’s no charging point in between the woods and rocks! A power bank is recommended to carry if the need arises. So, a fully charged power bank will help you capture all the little details of your trek on the smartphone.