3 Simple Methods To Relieve Cracking – Peeling Skin During The Winter


The condition of skin peeling, cracking due to dry weather (now it’s winter) will be significantly reduced when you apply the following three simple moistening methods.

The weather is dry, humidity in the air decreases, that makes our skin susceptible to peeling and drying. Therefore, the normal skin care procedures such as serum or moisturizer, we also need methods of water supply, moisture level deep skin. Here are 3 simple, but very effective methods that you should add to your skin care routine during this winter.

  1. Lotion mask

Lotion mask is a method created by Japanese beauty expert Chizu Saeki. With this method, you only need to take 3 minutes to apply a lotion mask, the moisture on the skin will be improved, the water on the skin immediately increase, the condition of dryness or peeling significantly reduced.

The way to do lotion mask is as follows:

  • First moisten cotton pad or compressed mask with pure water.
  • Then drop a few drops of lotion into the cotton pad, and apply on the face for 3 minutes.
  • After 3 minutes, remove the cotton pad and continue the normal skin care steps.

In this method, lotion is role as an intermediary, “transport” water from the cotton pad into the skin, help the skin more hydration than just apply the lotion as usual.

  1. 7 Skin Method

If Skin Lotion Mask is a deep moisturizing  method of the Japanese, 7 Skin Method is a method created by Koreans. This method promises not only to moisturize the skin, but also to make the skin look gorgeous, like the standard Glass Skin Korea.

To apply this 7 Skin Method, you will need to apply from 3 to 7 layers of toner or lotion on the skin. You apply and pat gently toner, when the before layer is dry, keep going with the next one. You can combine many different types of toner in each layer, from loose to thick. Then you continue to skincare with the products as usual.

Compare to applying only one layer of toner, overlapping layers of the skin will hydrate, absorb more toner. Skin also becomes more intense, stronger than before.

  1. Facial Oil

Although It does not focus on the ability to moisturize, water to the skin, conditional Oil is an effective way to help reduce peeling, dry skin. The reason is that Oil is a moisturizing agent, which is able to form a “sheath” that covers the outside, limiting the amount of water on the skin to be evaporated. In addition, many types of oil also contain antioxidants, vitamins … help recover skin, reduce acne, brighten, shrink pores ..

Whether it is oily skin or dry skin, you should use skin oil at the last step in the skincare routine. However, you will see that each type of skin is suitable with a different type of oil. Normally, dry skin is suitable with avocado oil, tea tree oil, olive oil …; Oil will match grape seed oil, lemon grass oil, cactus seed oil …; If it is normal skin, you can use argan oil, bush seed oil, rice bran oil…

That’s ALL. So it’s EASY and SIMPLE to own a Perfect Skin during the winter!