First Time Full Body Spray Tan: What You should know?


When summer gets hot, we all cut down on our clothing and that puts more of our skin on display. That certainly calls for a healthy tan so that the skin gets a perfect color and glows nicely in the sun.

Among all the tanning options, spray tans have come up as a perfect alternative, especially when you don’t want to lay on a tanning bed or risk your health. Before you go for full body spray tanning for the first time, however, there are a few things you should be aware of and here we have listed them. Let’s have a look.

Check for Technician or Salon Reviews

Just like with anything else that you do for the first time, checking out some reviews for the salon where you’re going to get a spray tan will help. You should particularly find out what people have to say about the ingredients of their tanning solution, color, and the hygiene they maintain. Not doing your homework would mean you are risking yourself to some sort of allergic reaction or something else going wrong with your tanning experience. So, it pays to inquire a bit more about them and check out how many positive reviews they get from their past clients.

Exfoliating Beforehand Will Give You A Perfect Tan

When you are going for full body spray tanning, make sure that your skin is clean and exfoliated beforehand. If not, the color might get streaky and patchy and it may not last for too long. What’s even better is to shave and shower a day before and use glycerin soap in the process to have perfectly exfoliated and clean skin.

One Color Doesn’t Fit All

Everyone requires a different color to match their skin tone and, hence, you should opt for a salon that offers a wide range of hues and color tones. Regardless of the skin tone you have, there should be a perfect spray tan color available for you. To select a perfect color, you should opt a lighter shade in winter months and go for a shade that is a bit darker for summer months. First timers should always ask for help from the technician as they are in a better position to suggest what color you should go with.

It is also advised that when you’re not so sure about the color, you should better opt for a lighter shade. The reason is that building up with the lighter tones will be easier as compared to stripping down the darker ones. That’s particularly so when your skin is naturally pale. Keep in mind that a variety of tan-enhancing accessories are available for darkening the base tan and, therefore, you shouldn’t be risking the results you’d like to achieve.

Wear Nail Polish Before You Go For A Spray Tan

You may even want to go for a basic clear coat, but wearing nail polish before going for a spray tan would protect the nails in the process.

Spray Tans Can Last For A Week Or So

Even though it varies from one person to another, spray tans would last for almost 5-7 days. So, you should plan the next one accordingly.

Now that if you feel ready for your first ever full body to spray tanning experience, you should choose Endless Sun Tanning. They really are a reliable name and would give you a perfect tan without any risks whatsoever.


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