The most basic step of any small business marketing strategy is to position its brand in the search engines effectively. It may sound farfetched to have a dominating position in the search results but it’s actually simple once you learn of certain tips and tricks to boost the visibility of your business on the search platform. Yes, it is also true that local business and small-medium businesses are facing more competition and difficulties when it comes to search engine optimization. Local SEO practices are changing with updates in order to keep up with the new features of search engines. In this article, we have listed among many, a good 5 subtopics of SEO strategy which are helpful for optimizations.

Having a strong website foundation

Before establishing any fancy features to your website for leads or anything, having a solid foundation of the website should be the first priority. The ranking would be of no use id there aren’t any conversions, and without a fast loading webpage, there will no chance of conversion. Ignoring the importance of the basics may create many hurdles along down the journey can have a negative effect on your business and other associates of it like rankings and conversions. Websites should be SEO friendly, of course, but the need to have a speed page loading is more crucial and there are various tools like Google page speed insights and GTMetrix for checking the website speed. The thing to keep in mind that the slower the site’s speed is, more opportunities will be lost.

Increasing the usage of title tags and Meta description

The onsite HTML elements like title tags and meta descriptions that reflect the contents of the website page are usually in the form of SERP and browser tabs as text and with Google increasing the width of SERP to up to 600px, title tags falls between forty and fifty and meta descriptions with a maximum of one hundred and sixty characters. With this concept, it should be kept in mind that the description of the page is based on the topic which will be visible to both visitors and search engine crawlers as well. Usage of the particular keywords you’re targeting for should be used efficiently in the title tags and Meta descriptions, and it should be of unique, compelling and descriptive for an effective click-through rate in the search engine results. There are certain tools for SEO plug-in, preview tools and etc to cross check how the tags and descriptions would look in the main search result page.

Deep keyword researching

The very base of SEO campaigns is keywords. Doing a proper keyword research will definitely drive traffic to your website and also increase the rankings for your page. The terms and phrases that visitors type into the search engines to find local businesses and information are what the keywords represent. Keywords research varies from business to business. Almost every web page for enhancing the search engine optimization performance uses geo-modifiers for more precise names and locations of the places. The best way to do this is to include all the possible keywords that the visitors may search for while searching for a similar business like yours. Running through the generated phrases or words to keep a check on monthly searched traffic statistic is also another brilliant way of keeping up the score.

Increasing the local contents

Another interesting local SEO strategy is the part of becoming a local content machine. Adding blogs to the local websites on different topics like local news and events attracts readers from cities and countries to read your contents and may even share it on social media which will only lead more traffic to you page. It may not be writings based on your business but it surely brands the business locally. The idea behind this is that on producing various interesting contents for readers, the next time someone wants a professional aid or service of various reason, they are likely to turn your way due to the social media popularity.

Local citations through the third-parties

The method of outsourcing is yet another bright idea for a local SEO strategy. There are many third party businesses that allow the submission of local business listings to their webpage like NAP data, descriptions, URLs and such. In this way, they will use their connections to link the submitted data to other associate websites. Most data providers may have agreements before the procedure of link buildings but it’s worth it considering the hundreds and thousands of local citations that will be produced. Some of the third parties who offer the building of citations are Brightlocal, Yext, Whitespark, etc. Among the parties and the services they provide, there can be variations too, in term of service quality and performance, considering how some website may have better agreements with other websites and better technology. Starting with submission to around thirty websites would give a kick start to your local business to its road to thousands of local citations through website linking. Do keep in mind and stay aware of those third-party websites who allows local listing for the local businesses and yet won’t give away the login and password for the listings because that’s seldom a good sign. Incorporating SEO to your websites is one of the key factors for enhancing the lead. Many SEO companies offer various SEO services for better-equipped SEO websites.