We tested the Samsung Galaxy S8, many features were awesome but also there were features which have some irregularities and didn’t satisfy us completely. It has some minor glitches (Bixby, iris scanner and fingerprint) that do not tarnish the phone that will set the standard that will follow the rest of the industry. Samsung is going to launch another beast next year – The Samsung Galaxy S9 having a 5.8” AMOLED screen edge-to-edge display and perfectly secured with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Hope, the features which were very disappointing in Galaxy S8 would perfectly work in upcoming Galaxy S9 flagship.

Samsung galaxy S9

Samsung has returned and has done it by the big door. There is no discussion: the Galaxy S8 is one of the best phones of the year and, if not fixed by the next Google Pixel, arguably the best Android of 2017. Not only that, it is a terminal that will set trends and shows The way forward for telephone manufacturers in the coming years. No one misses that the next iPhone will have lines very similar to those presented by Samsung: a huge screen, exceptional performance, and a camera out of series. Defects? It has them, but they do not manage to tarnish the ultimate experience. According to the rumors, the appearance of upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 is stunning and all in all, the phone covers 95% Screen to body ratio.

A look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the video:

The Galaxy S8 is a phone that goes through your eyes but it wins when you have it in your hand. Those responsible for Samsung already commented when they unveiled the phone, behind closed doors, at the end of last March: “We want it to be a terminal that people see on the street and feel the need to own.” There has not been a person who has come across these days with it and who has not shown a surprise to its forms and, above all, its screen. We have tested an S8 + model, whose panel goes to 6.2 inches and, next to an iPhone 7 Plus (with 5.5″), is a little longer but narrower. This arrangement translates into a phone that allows you to reach the other end of the terminal with one hand and with comfort and styling the finish as the final design is more elongated than usual, in the style of what we have already seen in the LG G6. No doubt, that the photography and videography sections in forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will offer you all the super-class functions and marvelous picture quality beyond your imaginations and will literally make you grin.

Galaxy S9 camera

So much of joy with the marvelous picture quality of the camera function in the smartphone, everyone loves the wonderful colors and effects of the picture. According to some tittle-tattle, the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will hit the market in the first quarter of 2018 with a fabulous camera of 16MP+16MP Dual-lens primary camera and 8MP front camcorder giving out realistic lovely pictures.

Via: edgegalaxys9.com