“Congratulations on your new arrival! It is good that a beautiful baby girl has come to fill your lives with joy and bliss”. This is a saying to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl. With all your celebrations, as a caring mom, you will have the question how do I take care of my baby girl. Your concern is correct and most moms have this concern as baby girl is different from a baby boy. She needs some extra care as she is very much like you with respect to her physique. Here are some tips that will help you:

Withdrawal from maternal hormones:

When you change the diaper in your new-born daughter, you might notice some blood coming from her vagina. Cool yourself down, there is nothing to worry. This is something normal. It happens because of your hormones. Particularly, estrogen has been crossing the placenta for the past nine months when she was within you.

As she is withdrawing from the hormones, discharges are common. Even, it is common for her to have tiny breast buds that might even have milky discharge. But, cool down the breast buds will also disappear as your hormones leave from her system and the vaginal discharge will also disappear.

Girls are easier to deliver:

If you have found earlier that it is a baby girl growing in your womb, you can stay relaxed about your delivery. Yes, in the case of labor and birth, baby girls are easier to deliver as compared to baby boys. The reason is the size. Girls are generally 3.5 ounces smaller than boys on delivery.

Also, the best child care hospitals state that baby girls come to the earth 30-45 minutes sooner as compared to baby boys. This might seem to be a long time when you push out the baby, but it is the truth.

Your little girl will be prepared for potty training earlier:

When it comes to potty training researches show that girls get prepared for the same faster as compared to boys. The reason is that girls have all the skills organized for potty training nearly three months before baby boys.

Your baby girl will start talking early:

As compared to boys, girls are wired to tune into speed more quickly. Even, researches show that girls are good at mimicry. If you had a baby boy earlier, you will notice that the little girl starts talking early. So, teach her good things and take effective care of her and you will be enthralled to listen to her sweet voice and words early. Even though the difference will be just a one or two months ahead, girls generally stay ahead as compared to boys.

Younger puberty is common among girls:

As a caring mom, you might have learned from your relatives and neighbours that girls these days are reaching puberty early. Researches show that earlier puberty is associated with increasing obesity rates. So, right from her childhood remember to feed her the best foods. More importantly, keep her away from junk foods. This holds particularly true during her pre-teen years to avoid early puberty.

Educate her:

When she reaches 9 or 10 years, just slowly start talking to her about puberty. Let her know that getting periods is completely normal in the lives of women. She might initially express a fear. But, reassure her that you are there for her always. Teach her how to react if she attains puberty when she is at her school.

Motivate assertiveness:

When she has started to grow, you will have concerns about her safety. Teach her to express her needs to adults. If a boy or even an elderly man is being mean to her, teach her to express that she does not like the way the person is talking to her. Motivate to keep herself safe in all instances.

It is true that a baby girl is different from that of a boy. But, when you are there for her, she will grow as a confident young lady for sure.