If there is a language which is not restricted by any boundary and is truly global in nature, it has to be music. The ability to create and listen to music is nothing short of a blessing, and one that we can reap almost anywhere and anytime.

Music has Caffeine too

Being productive can sometimes seem like a real challenge. Whether we’re at home, at work or at the gym, our attention often tends to betray us. If it weren’t for things that increase our productivity and help us regain our focus, like music and coffee, we’re bound to have a feeling that there are more than just 24 hours in a day.

Just like a cup of coffee wakes us up in the morning and drags us out of our active slumber, music too sets the tempo for our day. Have you ever tried plugging in your earphones and going for a morning run? It is almost assured that you will start your day on a very high note!

The Extra Boost

The positive effects of listening to music can be best realised when we’re engaged in an activity that is least interesting to us. Like when you turn on the radio on a long drive, the distance suddenly seems to shrink.

When you’re performing dull household chores music gives you a reason to make your limbs move faster and get the work done sooner. Biologically, listening to music causes dopamine to flow in our systems and that is our brain’s way of telling us that we are having a great time.

But it not just the mindless physical tasks that music makes easier. It can broaden our attention spans even when we are performing tasks such as writing or solving math which are mentally demanding. In a strange way even though our ears are engaged we find ourselves capable of focusing more instead of being distracted.

It’s Just about the Right Track

Music may not offer the same benefits that we have mentioned above if we do not select the right tracks. We are always inclined to listen to our favourite songs or favourite genres of music but it can be counter-productive in certain cases.

Tasks that Require Focus

If you are performing a task that requires you to focus, listening to tracks with a lot of lyrics may distract you. You may feel the temptation to sing along especially when the chorus comes along. Those with lesser self control may even get tempted to perform the hook step!

When engaged in tasks like these it is always better to play some instrumental music. It is proven scientifically that background music can help us to concentrate better in settings where there is much background noise. Playing some music in the background helps us to perform cognitive tasks better.

Tasks that require Physical Energy

Music while working out can be so addictive that you may not even feel like exercising when your iPod is discharged. There’s a reason after all why you will always find music playing in the gyms. It brings out a strength from within which we are not aware of ourselves. Also, if you are engaged in a task which requires more of physical energy than mental focus you do not have to restrict your playlist to instrumental music.


This bit may be hard for you to believe but music is also a kind of time machine. If there is a memory that you associate with a certain song you will be taken back to those times without you moving an inch.

It is what experts call ‘classical conditioning’. It means that we can train animals or people to react in a particular way when they hear or see a stimulus. Imagine how you can use this concept to your advantage. You can create a playlist that sets your pulse racing and leave it to the beats to bring out your true productivity.

Music is an ingredient that makes almost any dish taste good. It is meant for all occasions and certain things just seem incomplete without it, like a party floor or stag do venues.