Apparently, men with beard look manlier, smarter and stunningly gorgeous mostly. Several men prefer growing and maintaining a beard by using certain suitable products. Beard oil is one of the many products that can help you add nourishment to your beard and keep it well moisturized.

Beard oil needs to be given a place in your arsenal if you wish to grow and maintain the beard. So let’s go through the benefits and learn the right way of applying beard oil on your facial hair, which can help to add another level to your grooming regime.

The problem

Sporting facial hair and being negligent towards taking proper care of it can be an unintelligent decision. Taking care of facial hair is as much important as taking care of the hair on your scalp. Dusty, shaggy and flaky beard look unsightly and negatively affects the overall look. Shiny and groomed beard is desirable.

Beard oil can be described as a formula mixture of various essential oils and natural carrier oil that helps in keeping the beard soft and adequately moisturized.

Why apply it?

Beard oil helps moisturizing and conditioning the facial hair. Like dandruff on the scalp, you may experience itching due to beardruff (dandruff in beard) on the skin beneath the beard as well. Regular application of beard oil can shield your beard against this concern.

Beard oil is not just loaded with protective and moisturizing benefits only, but it assists you in styling your beard the way you desire. Beard oil makes your facial hair manageable (without making it greasy though) for hassle-free styling purpose.

The rough straw-like beard softens (makes it also tangle-free) with the application of beard oil in an appropriate amount.

When to apply?

At night during our sleep, our mind and body completely get rid of all the negative and bad things that we go through the day. It relaxes and also rejuvenates. We then kick-start a new day with all our positive energy.

Beard oil is best to apply before bed so that it can soak in the goodness all night long. Also, after you take a shower, while your beard is still damp, apply 6-7 drops of the oil on your beard and comb it the way you way. It may not give you the desired style but will surely make it manageable.

Argan-based beard oil can be applied before going out in the sun as it will protect your mane from harmful UV rays.

How to apply?

Not very easy and also not very complicated the process is. One needs to learn and bear this in mind properly.


The length of your beard will determine the quantity. Use 3-4 drops for small to medium size beard;  4-6 drops for medium to long and 6-10 drops for a very long beard.

Also, if you live in a dry region (whether cold or hot), you should apply it at least twice a day. However, if you live in a humid area, application once a day would be enough.


After shower, pat dry your beard but leave it a little damp. After you pour the oil on the palm, rub gently to spread it evenly on the fingers and palms. Massage your fingers on the beard so that in a way that the oil can reach the skin as well.

Brush your hands up through the beard bottom continuing to distribute your beard oil evenly. Then using fingers, coat the moustache hair as well.


Use a comb to get the beard in the desired style. It may not hold it for a very long time but will train it to grow in a certain way and not go haywire.