Yes, many girls and boys very frustrate from her/his oily face with pimples also. Especially dates days with girlfriend and boyfriend. Our new web gave you best tips for your healthy lifestyles. Many of persons used common soaps used in a home but overuse of soaps given you damages of your skin. Now, these days lots of companies offer great face cleanser which removes oil from your face. But some people do not afford these face cleanser that’s why we are given you some tips on how to clean your face from oil and pimples free.

• Wash your face with water 5 to 7 times
• Balance Diet with lots of fibers, Vegetables
• Drink lots of water ( Minimum 2-3 Liters per day )
• For dry skin, you can use coconuts milk to moisture to your skin
• Avoid Excessive stress
• Don’t Eat Spicy and unhygienic foods
• Every night you can wash your face with baking soda
• Apply Face pack of nutmeg and milk
• Face pack of honey and cinnamon mixture works very well
• A mixture of Rice Power ( 3 Spoons ) with orange juice and apply to the whole face after dry this mixture on your face Wash from orange juice.
• Apply Sugar Mixture with Milk into your face then after 20 minutes wash it your face skin is glowing after one week for that home remedy.
• Mixtures of Lemon juice and tomato juice apply to the whole face after 30 mint you can wash it.
• Apply sandal power in water after dry you wash this
• Tomato juice with honey mixtures is good facial.
• Face pack of Milk + Carrots + Cucumbers + Papayas Mixture you can use it.
• At Last of All the Home Remedy For Face Cleaning Healthy Lifestyle News given you best thing to do for great and successful
• Daily Drink two glass water when you wake up
• Within 24 hours drink at least eight glass water
• Free from the all the tension ( we know that this is very difficult thing for the US, but we can try to do this)
• Eats lots of veggies and healthy diet with fibers
• Don’t expose your skin direct SUN.


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