Leading postpaid providers offer cashback and other rewards for paying your phone bill using their website or smartphone app. Here’s how you can benefit from paying your bill.

You still remember the thrill of buying your first mobile phone. Later, you changed several handsets but retained your postpaid plan, maybe ported to another provider but retained your phone number. Till date, you are a postpaid user who loves using the phone plan to the fullest.

But does your postpaid plan reward you for being a loyal user, with umpteen benefits?

The best postpaid plans and the unique postpaid bill payment offers…

Leading postpaid providers like Airtel not only have excellent plans, but also postpaid bill payment offers that are currently unmatched by any other service provider. Check out some of the most important benefits of having an Airtel postpaid plan:

  • Unlimited monthly data on the plan
  • Data rollover on every month’s unused data, for both 3G and 4Gpostpaid plans
  • High Internet speeds
  • Always-on connectivity: Airtel has the densest network of towers all across the country. Thus, you get no call drops or downtime on the network
  • Several add-on benefits on buying the plan: The SIM card is sent to your home within 24 hours of placing the order for the new plan, you can choose from 5 postpaid plans after studying the features of each, reasonably priced plans (from Rs 399 to Rs 1,199 per month), free Amazon Prime membership for one year, 3 months free Netflix subscription (not on Rs 399 plan) and free use of Zee5 and Airtel TV apps.
  • You can get 3 months free Netflix subscription even as an existing Airtel postpaid user.
  • There are easy bill payment options, either on the Airtel website or smartphone app. Change your existing plan, get new offers, get cashback for bill payment using the smartphone app or UPI apps like BHIM or Google Pay, etc. The postpaid bill payment offers keep changing regularly, so keep a lookout for what’s new and what you can use.
  • Some of the Airtel postpaid plans offer free add-on connections for family members. You can also use the myInfinity Family Plan to club all Airtel users’ accounts under one umbrella plan for more savings.
  • You can access Airtel’s handset repair protection feature as a postpaid user.

As a postpaid user…

You need high amounts of data as a postpaid user: not for you the hassle of ‘running out’ of data and then taking a top up on the plan. As an Airtel postpaid subscriber, you get data ranging from 40 GB to 120 GB per month, depending on the plan you buy. With this much data at your disposal, coupled with always-on network connectivity, it’s like you have unlimited Internet on your hands!