Hyderabad, one of the most charming cities of South is a city that has history oozing out of every corner. It has been famously known as the City of Pearls and is one of the Nizams. The city filled with stories of royalty and majestic monuments that define them.

However, the Hyderabad that we know today is more focused on being the other Silicon Valley. The city is filled with startups and multinationals creating their space in the sky rocketing buildings. The Hyderabad that we know today has turned a new leaf and one can sense the modernization as soon as one enters the city. Today, we can busy streets filled with some of the most royal dishes made and served in platter. One can also enjoy the great shopping experience in the streets of the same.

Despite this Hyderabad has well preserved its historic monuments. One can find a perfect blend of the past and the future in this city. The city of Hyderabad is distinctly divided into two parts: the new and the old one. The new area is mostly the area that was once outskirts for the people but, today houses some the world’s biggest multinationals. The Old part of the city is still in the shadows of the olden days: the markets filled with life, the monuments that still look fresh.

Hyderabad in true sense is a delight to all the people that visit this place. One can book a taxi in Hyderabad and visit this wonderful royal city.

Char Minar: Hyderabad is synonyms to Char Minar. It is one of the signature architectural delights that are present in the city. Located in one of the busiest streets of Hyderabad, this is a symbol of the Mughal Empire that was once present in this city.

Not just that, Char Minar is also in very close proximity to Laad Bazaar and the Mecca Masjid.

Laad Bazaar: Popularly known as the Choodi Bazaar, it is one of the main markets in Hyderabad. This market is known widely across the country for the state of art bangles that one can purchase here. But, today this market is just much more than just bangles.

Golconda Fort: This fort is one of the historical monuments that Hyderabad has. The fort was built on a 400feet hill in mud originally. The debris of then glorious forts narrates stories of the several dynasties that has ruled over the city and stepped on this fort.

This fort is situated 11kms away from the main city of Hyderabad and one can hire cabs in Hyderabad at 8hr/80km package to get to this place. The name of this place in Telegu means Shepherd’s Hill. It is till date one of the well-built forts that is present in the city.

The remains of the fort signify what was initially there. And one can see an example of another great architecture that was designed during the olden days.

Chowmahalla Palace:

Located near Charminar and Laad Bazar, this palace was once home to AsafJahi Dynasty. The palace till date is one of the best palaces that are there in South. It has its own royal charm and one can feel the Nawabi charm in every corner of the palace.
This palace was built to entertain the guests of the so dynasty. This palace was also segregated as an official place to hold ceremonies.

Osman Sagar Lake: This Lake is situated in the outskirts from the main city of Hyderabad. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations that are present in Hyderabad because of the several entertaining options surrounding this lake.