If you’ve researched investments in real estate, chances are, you’ve been given a huge amount of information with conflicting information. Some sources will tell you that real estate investment is a bad idea and you should never put your money into property while others will tell you that it’s a great way to achieve financial freedom.

We’ve all seen the typical advertisements that show people enjoying the benefits of real estate investments with pictures of fast cars, airplanes, and other luxury items. Being faced with such images can cause skepticism. You have to admit though that real estate investing can help you to plan for and build a retirement plan. We help clients get started building their wealth in the real estate market. These are seven reasons why we encourage people to consider real estate investment.

  1. Huge Variety

Variety is the spice of life and there’s no limit to the variety in real estate. There isn’t just one option for investors. You can specialize in turnkey real estate which is single-family investment properties or delve into commercial ventures. From vacation home to apartment buildings and land development, there are multiple opportunities for investors to find their niche. No matter where you choose to specialize, you’ll never be bored.

  1. You’re Not Re-Inventing the Wheel

One of the benefits of real estate investment is that it has been done before. This industry has proven successful through effort, success and failure of many people over the years. There is a huge community of investors that can provide support and expertise to newcomers. Even though there are modern innovations, the core truths of real estate don’t change over time. Having that foundation makes it easier to become successful.

  1. Real Estate Is Stable

Many of our investments are unpredictable like gold and stocks. We have to invest our money in some way, but that doesn’t mean you’re always going to get a good return. The price of gold fluctuates widely and many people have lost money. Stocks also can be a good option one day but dive depending on market fluctuations. Real estate, however, is fairly predictable.

  1. Avoid Unknown Investments

Sure, there are some bubbles and crashes in real estate but investors who are in the market for a long term can come out on top. The real estate market works in a fairly predictable cycle and, as an investor, you can work to weather the market and make money along the way.

  1. Leverage and Scaling

The reason why people choose real estate over other investments is leverage and scaling. Leverage is your ability to use borrowed money to increase the return on your investments. This allows investors to make money without using very much of their own. Scaling is the othr key of the process. You can compound your cash flow by acquiring more investment properties or scaling your investments. While other investments may not be worth these two actions, there is a significant benefit for real estate.

  1. You’re The Boss

In today’s unsteady market, you want to know where your money is going and have as much control as possible. Your investments in real estate are valuable because you know where your money is going.

  1. Choose Your Hours

You can be as involved as you want or need to be. While you’re in charge, investing doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Using a real estate provider allows you to have a more hands-off approach while still controlling your own wealth. You may not want to quit your full-time job so if you’re more interested in a part-time or side position, this option is ideal.