“I need a carpet for my house.” It’s easier said than done. The task of buying jute rugs or any other floor rug for that matter is a demanding task. One needs to answer many questions before the decision is taken. It can be a month-long process as one needs to think about shape, size, texture, durability, weight, pattern, cost, practicality, and of course fashion and beauty!

If above are the points on one’s check list then Jute rugs are the one you are looking for. Jute rugs are renowned for their natural beauty. They are made using dried plant fibers and it retains their original tan color, shade and texture even after it is turned into carpets. Jute rugs are environmental friendly and they are highly durable and this is what makes them dear to the customers.

Durability of the jute provides the jute rugs a useful life even in the woven form and one can use the same in the years to come since it can be used in reversible form. One of the key features of a jute rug is that it doesn’t require much maintenance and will come at a price which will not burn a hole in the pocket.

Jute rugs: an incredible choice!

Jute rugs are soft and silken. Its golden sunshine fibers bring an attractive accent to one’s office and home. Jute rugs are pet and environmental friendly.  It is one of the carpets which easily gets blend with any type of décor, and with its tan color, it only uplifts the beauty of the place. This braided rug proves to be the ultimate base for a casual and contemporary décor. A jute rug is safe for a child to play on it as it gets soft once mixed with chenille.

Easy to maintain

Jute rugs are easy to clean and require low maintenance. The texture and color of the rug completely disguise the dirt and stains present on it. A vacuum cleaner is all one needs to get rid of the dirt. It is recommended to use the vacuum on air setting rather than using the spinner as it can pull out the loose fibers. Therefore, a vacuum with a brush is enough to remove the debris from several directions and extend the rug’s life while maintaining its beauty. However, one should make sure that if it is exposed to sunlight then it is reversed at equal intervals so that the color remains same from both sides.

A Jute rug is all you need

A Jute rug will enhance the beauty of the place where it will be placed by bringing the natural elegance. Jute rug covering floor from wall to wall will give a golden-hued and rich look to the area. This natural piece will uplift the place by bringing light to it.

Floorspace is here to provide you with your favorite jute rugs at a peerless price. You can choose the color, design and texture as per your choice and it will be made available at your door step within no time. Not only this, you can also customize your carpet at our website by choosing the color, pattern, border style and dimensions.

It’s time to make a smart and stylish jute rug a member of the house!