In some part of our life, almost all of us face a legal trouble. It may be due to a false claim made by someone or an accident or a cheating in business or personal life. In order to seek justice we approach lawsuits and it is necessary that in our hour of need we knock the door of a reliable and understanding law firm that will help us out of the problems.  Appleton lawyers have created a unique law firm out of every attorney’s continuous devotion to help people overcome the most difficult times of their lives. With their combined knowledge and experience of over 80 years they have delivered commendable serviced to their clients and met their needs and desires.

Legal practice

The Appleton Lawyers provide expert services in the following fields:

  • Personal injury or accidents: The lawyers help you gather evidences for the accident in a legal way, like video surveillance of the scene of the accident along with investigating any witnesses present during the accident. Thus the lawyer can take care of the legal issues on your behalf while you focus on your recovery. The attorney also approaches insurance companies and puts forward a strong claim, if needed. These may further include cases of
  • Accidental deaths
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Animal bites
  • Premises liability
  • Defamation and privacy claims
  • Crime related cases:  No criminal case should ever be taken lightly. The defense lawyers handle cases ranging from high-level offenses to low-level offences related to misconduct. They take care of every case personally including the intensive research that might prove helpful during the trial. Thus they receive positive outcomes including dismissals and acquittals for their clients who are falsely accused of offenses and minimized the impact of criminal charges on the lives of others. The defense lawyers also provide services in cases of:
  • Drunk driving
  • Drug crimes or trafficking
  • Domestic or child abuse
  • Property crime
  • Juvenile court
  • Civil litigations: A lawsuit against a company, breach of contract or an owner creating dispute can be devastating as it not only interrupts business proceedings but may also end with a shadow cast over the company’s reputation. Some related case that the attorneys handle are:
  • Fraud or forged documents
  • Defamation
  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership disputes
  • Divorce laws: Family lawyer provide a strong advocacy, healthy advice and practical solutions on legal grounds. Maybe your spouse committed an act of infidelity, maybe he or she is abusive, or maybe your views and goals for the future are simply too different for you to remain in a harmonious marriage. Lawyers of the connected field provide you guidance even at such delicate time. You are made aware of all terms including spousal maintenance in order to lessen the financial burdens. A major part of concern is about the children, the law takes care of them as well. The court considers many factors when determining an appropriate custody or visitation arrangement for a child. These factors include:
  • The child’s academic, personal, and medical needs
  • The child’s relationship with each parent and
  • Recommendations from professionals involved in the case, such as a child psychologist
  • Each parent’s income and assets