When winter season is round the corner, it is time to take a relook at your wardrobe. Though winter means layering up, you can still look chic and elegant.

Winter jackets are one way to dress up in the cold, winter time. They are not only functional but are also a great way to look fashionable and well dressed. You can order winter jackets for women online.

Here are some top types of winter jackets for women:

  • Quilted jacket:

For those who wish to cover up for the cold rather than bother too much about appearance, this type of jacket will serve you well. Most feature hoodies for extra protection. They are typically double layered and highly warm to face severe winters. They are ideal for casual outings, hiking, travel and commuting. They look good paired with leggings, denims, boots, ther mals and high heels. The popular fabrics are wool, silk, cotton and polyester.

  • Hooded jackets

These are chic and cute winter jackets. Most jackets come with hoods nowadays. There is no need to wear a cap when you wear this type of jackets. These are ideal for commute, travel and casual wear. Pair them up with high boots, long sweaters and thermal leggings. They are commonly made of fabrics like acrylic blend, wool, cotton fleece, viscose and polyester.

  • Denim jacket

The best part about this jacket is that it is suitable for all kinds of weather. You can carry these on a windy day or for traveling. They are also good for winter days.Denim jackets look smart and you can wear them with a dress or a light sweater to look good.  You can shine in these on club nights, evening parties, casual outings and workdays. They can be paired with dresses, skirts and jeans.

  • Blazer

Originally, blazers were popular office wear for men but nowadays even women love to wear blazers. A blazer is ideal for wearing for an interview or for office wear. These winter jackets can be teamed with trousers.You can also go in for a casual look by choosing a linen or cotton blazer with a pair of denim trousers. They are good for evening parties, dinner parties, casual wear and formal wear. They go well with dresses, formal pants and denims. They come in fabrics like wool, crepe, polyester, lycra, and cotton.

  • Sweat jacket

These kinds of jackets are ideal for gyms and work-outs in winter or for casual outings. They are highly comfortable and provide decent warmth. One fashion tip is that they are stringently casual. They are ideal for occasions like sleepovers, nightwear, gyms, etc. They go best with denims, track pants, baggy trousers, and sweatpants. Fabrics include cotton, viscose, fleece, polyester, nylon and wool.

  • Printed jacket

Prints are popular everywhere and they make for bright outfits.  These jackets add adequate amount of style to the typical boring winter wear. One can find them in floral, 3D prints, and animal prints. They suit occasions like formal or casual wear. They are suited for mix and match. Fabrics include wool, nylon, viscose, acrylic, and cotton.

  • Leather jacket

They are evergreen favourites for winters. They are very fashionable and are very warmth providing. The best part is that you are saved the hassle of either washing them or getting them dry cleaned.

These are some of the top types of winter jackets for women.