It’s a very common question among online business owners about how to measure your SEO success by judging its working reports. There are many online business owners who hire SEO service professionals to get their ranking position in SERP of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a time taking process and no one wants wait to see some results of their investment. That is why I’m going to write this article to show them how to measure worth of your SEO effort. So let’s start.

There are many ways to measure your SEO success but in this article I’m going to discuss about the most common metrics which can be tracked easily by you.

Traffic Flow

Organic traffic will indicate the number of visitors who visited your website through search engine. So, if your organic traffic is increasing then you can sure about your SEO success positively. It means you website content works well and you are start ranking in your business keywords and it’ll also point out about your strong and healthy SEO strategy.

Website Engagement

Website engagement will directly effect on your bounce-rate. You’ll come to find your website link and write-ups in various types of stage. From social media you’ll start getting positive comments and likes from your targeted audiences and from guest blog posting services you’ll able to have referral traffic to your website.

Ranking Position

When you are running an online business, it’s your duty to check your keyword ranking position in Google on a regular basis. If your SEO efforts are in a right track then you can surly able to see some positive changes in rankings. You business keywords start increasing in term of rank position but it may take some times and efforts to see this type of result so, you have to keep some patience.

Conversion Rate

If your website performs well in SERP then you can see the effect on your conversion rate. You’ll start receiving more business calls and people are able to find your website through search engine. So, you have to keep a healthy track record of your business conversion before and after SEO works. You can directly ask your clients about from where they came to about your website.

Number of Backlinks

If your SEO work is done properly then you can see some increasing report of your backlink count. It’ll directly effect on your DA (Domain Authority). There are many types of tools you can use to measure your SEO performance like:

  • Google Analytics for traffic, conversion, engagement,
  • Google Search Console for keyword and page ranking
  • Google PageSpeed Insights for your page’s performance
  • Google Adwords for keyword ranking

SEO can help your startup business to grow at the early stages. While you don’t need to get hugely technical with SEO works at this stage. Just following those points can make your confusion clear about your website SEO success. If you need any further help feel free to contact with us at [email protected]. Our high trained professionals are always ready to help you out about any SEO issues of your website.