Black chandeliers are available in all types of styles.  Classic, contemporary, linear, intricate–a shameful chandelier can be any of these things, but it’s almost always mysterious.

Wrought iron chandeliers are a traditional type of chandelier, generally sturdy and reminiscent of ancient times, such as the ones used in castles centuries ago.  Some are circular, some use light bulbs, and some use candles such as the olden days.  If your decor has a rustic feel to it, you may want to consider wrought iron as a suitable metal to use.  Just be sure you’ve located your ceiling supports and have sufficient braces and hardware to hang the chandelier out of, as you don’t need your new lighting fixture to come tumbling down on top of anybody.

Another traditional chandelier design is that made of Murano glass, hand-blown by amateurs on an Italian island for hundreds of years.  The layouts of these chandeliers are normally quite lovely, distinctive, and detailed.  They often include drop crystals, as well as the ones made of black glass, are very striking.  Many Murano glass vases are quite pricey but often considered artwork bits, and connoisseurs will often be inclined to pay the price for them.

Before buying your new chandelier should be the size of the space you are hanging the fixture, in addition to the quantity of lighting you’ll need.  First, consider the height of your ceiling and just how low the chandelier will need to hang.  Second, work out how much light that your current lighting fixture supplies and if it’s sufficient for your everyday activities.  If you require more electrical power, do not be afraid to call a plumber to fix your wiring; you don’t need to risk electrocution or burning your house down while attempting to do the work yourself.

Once you’ve worked out all of the safety issues related to installing a new chandelier, consider the design that you are looking for.  Do you desire a fixture that combines into the room or stands out?  A black chandelier can be a bold decor accessory when place against white furniture or walls or it may complement deep hues in a dark library or room.  The dark chandelier you select will most likely be different if you live in a penthouse in town or even a farm in the country.  Shop around a bit and you ought to be able to find one that suits your taste.