Communication and exchange of ideas is the innate desire of every human being. Time and again, we have tried to discover new ways and methods to express ourselves before others. This medium of expression can be verbal or non-verbal.

Talking about forms of expression, art has been a significant part of our life since the advent of humanity and has a prominent role in flourishing the civilizations. From the early man drawing figures on the wall in order to communicate with each other to Picasso and da Vinci, humans have always looked, admired, criticized and cherished art.

Art is a form of conveying expressions that captures the eye immediately. Among all the mediums of communication, art is the one that speaks myriad tongues. The ability of the artist is decided from his deftness in conveying the message to the people. Reminiscing the past we realize that art has been used quite skillfully by artists to convey thoughts that were way ahead of their time. During renaissance, various distinct styles of art emerged in various parts of the world which were symbolic of the changing times.

When we think of modern times, art has emerged has a flourishing industry providing livelihood to thousands of people. Significant efforts have been made to promote the interests of the community in order to cater to the interests of the artists. Arthive is a website that strives hard to establish relationships between artists and admirers of art. The free when buying art online for provides an established platform to talented artists, art collectors, art dealers to earn revenue out of something that they love to do.

The website is about a decade old and is operated and run by artists which means that the views and thoughts of other artists are understood and dealt accordingly. As a website, Arthive provides the following advantages to its members-

  • Provides platform to the artist- Every artist would want people to recognize his name for the artworks he creates. Arthive gives you the name you need for recognition. The community lets you create a page of your own to showcase your artworks before the world. One just needs to register with the website and then let everyone admire your talent!
  • Sell artworks– If you are good at something you should never do it for free! The website not only lets you show your artwork but also helps you earn a livelihood out of it. The interested people can put down their claim and the artist can sell his paintings to them easily. This is profitable for the artist as well as the art lovers.
  • Exhibit your talent- The website also allows the upcoming artists to exhibit their talent by hosting online exhibitions. This gives the required exposure to them allowing them to establish themselves in the industry.