Gone are the days of small, cloistered bathrooms with no natural light. Inspired by hotels, the bathrooms of individuals are now real rooms of comfort. Exceeding the only hygienic and utilitarian dimension that they were given before, they offer a large wellness area where ergonomics, accessibility, and aesthetics are in order.

Here some ideas and tips for your to transform your ordinary bathroom into clean and stylish bathroom. These useful ideas shared originaly by honey-doers

The bathroom … This place where you are supposed to relax but which in daily life has to be functional so as not to waste time before going to drive the children to school / go to work. It is also usually a small space. It is often found that there is not enough space. But despite this, we can make sure that this space is less ordinary, resembles us. And it does not necessarily cost an arm! Even if you are renting it is possible to make sure you have a nice bathroom in which you feel good!

A bathroom for the very small budgets

We do not all have millet and cents to put in our bathroom decoration, for various reasons. I am thinking in particular of people who are rented and who do not want to invest in the decoration because, in the end, they will eventually leave. This is not a problem though! To create your bathroom decoration that comes out of the ordinary, no need to be Croesus!

You can change: the mirror that overhangs your washbasin, the shower curtain, bath mats, small storage accessories (such as the toothbrush holder), hooks for hanging towels and bath sheets, hanging Frames on a wall … In short, there are a lot of little things that do not necessarily cost an arm and that will allow you to personalize your bathroom.

A new bathroom decor for medium budgets

If you have a more substantial budget, other changes in your bathroom will allow you to make it original. Sometimes this requires some small DIY jobs, but nothing that affects plumbing or electricity.

For example, you can change the tile for a more contemporary style, repaint the walls, change the floor for a PVC coating (and why not take a cement tile pattern for a deco effect guaranteed), change the vanity unit , Just change the washbasin because there are super cool models and not too expensive, replace the fixtures …

As you can see, the budget is not necessarily a break to decorate and singularize the decoration of your bathroom. Now it’s in your hands!

Like all other rooms, the bathroom needs maximum light. This is why it is not unusual to see today water features tending to give way to a large window or a bay window. To preserve the privacy, only a curtain or an adhesive film specially devoted to the glazing is installed.

Because well-being always rhymes with great space, the ergonomics and accessibility of the room are reworked in order to offer everyone a privileged moment to draw energy and good mood from waking.

A real return to the roots takes place in the design of the new bathrooms. Indeed, the decoration trend is to stone, marble, steel and wood to highlight the warmth, purity, and nobility of raw materials. In a very modern spirit, clean lines are chosen to sublimate the details and transform the bathroom into a haven of peace and relaxation. Comfort, beauty, and functionality are the watchwords. The bathroom gets rid of the superfluous for more sobriety and refined elegance.

Opt for a large washbasin with a graceful curve and contemporary fittings with impeccable finishes. Install a spacious shower to put you at ease and reinforce the impression of space. Inherited from Roman terms, the walk-in shower is open to the room, on one level and without visual separation. It has become the unavoidable element of a design bathroom, offers a great comfort of use and allows a perfect fluidity of the movements.

Widespread in the 1960s, free-standing non-recessed baths return to the forefront to free space. Very deep, rectangular, cubic or oval, they allow to immerse themselves completely in creating a spa atmosphere.

Design and sometimes unusual accessories and decorative objects create an unexpected visual effect contrasted with the purity of the room. Plants are also an essential part of a bathroom as they would help fight stress and maintain morale.