Formal wear is the kind of styling that comes under niche category. It’s chic, speaks of elegance, class, a strong personality and oozes an immense amount of confidence within you from the moment you wear them. However, style it with just one garment or accessory that does not match, and the entire look has the ability to go down the drain. Work wear is the kind of category that although is safe to work with, a lot of experimentation can be done with the same! Scroll through to find out how you can ace your workwear look, without investing in a lot of time and effort, and of course money!

Pair well- the key nailing a perfect look with your formal outfits is to pair them well. Put in a little bit of your creativity, try mix-match and voila! You have a new outfit every time! You could wear an all black outfit one day, pair the black pants with a pastel top another day or pair a green skirt with a black top the next day. You’ll love how versatile your outfit will end up looking after a couple of days of experimenting.

Silhouette- before you finalise on any given outfit, or it’s silhouette, your first step should be to determine the kind of body-type you are. Once you have figured that out, you are all set to pick and choose from the wide variety of silhouettes that not only compliment your body but also make you look comfortable and chic in that outfit. For instance, a horizontal striped top won’t be that flattering on a plus size woman, however vertical stripes are what they should be looking at to create the illusion of them being taller.

Colour- colours are something everyone can experiment with. According to the popular myth of workwear comprising of only monochromes, deep blues, greys and whites, workwear can be and is much more than that. It’s all about how you choose to balance out the look. You can wear yellow on a bright sunny morning and pair it with a pastel blue or black to complete the look and make it office worthy and not street-style.

Prints- are you one of those people who have always thought that solid is the way to go when it comes to workwear? Well, you are not entirely wrong. Though solids so work for a lot of occasion, it’s not like you cannot experiment with prints every once in a while. Opt for softer floral prints, or stripes or a minute embroidered motif… basically anything that is not over the top, and makes your look work appropriate.

Accessorize- accessorize any look is one of the most important factors to finish your look in style. Whether is a statement necklace or solid pair of earrings. You can also complete your look with a nice scarf or layer your look with a shrug or jacket. Footwear is another thing one should not miss out on when styling your entire look for a day at work. Go for wedges is your a heel person but wants comfort at the same time, or flats like ballerinas or loafers or oxfords work wonders on any given day!