From wireless doorbells with video cameras and intercoms, to keyless front door locks with lighted keyboards, motion sensors, and locks that can be opened by your smartphone from anywhere in the world. It seems that as our technology becomes smarter, so does every aspect of our daily lives, including the part of our lives dedicated to rest and relaxation; the humble front porch.
Technology hits the Front Porch

The front porch has been an icon of old world Americana, greeting visitors to our doorsteps with a porch light and a pot full of colorful flowers. These days, it’s more than simply lighting the visitor’s way and cheering them on with some flowers. It is now about creating an energy efficient display of ambiance with state-of-the-art LED lighting while, simultaneously, creating a high security environment with the convenience that our smart phone technology now provides for us. The future is now.

Low energy, low heat LED lighting has invaded the outside of the home. LED lights are providing security and creating ambiance. LED lights have emerged into the yard from porch lights to string lights, and rope lights. The best thing about LED lights is how little energy they use and how long the bulbs last, yet they still put out a good deal of light. Another advantage is that they do not become hot if left on, which in the past has created a potential fire hazard with the old incandescent bulb technology. LED lights are indeed the wave of the future and are being used for everything from motion activated security lighting to mood lighting. Between being energy efficient, cost effective, and safe, yet still attractive and extremely versatile, LEDs have made it possible to create any lighting landscape desired by the homeowner, no matter what the desired outcome.

It is not just lighting that has been ushered into the future, security features have also enjoyed a boost from recent technology, such as keyless front door locks and smart phone apps that can do everything from turn your porch lights on and off, lock or unlock the front door, and arm or disarm the security system. In today’s world where everyone is in a rush to get here and there, it is easy to forget certain things before leaving the house. This is no longer an issue. If a homeowner forgets to lock the front door, they can simply connect to their home via a smart phone app and make sure the locks are enabled, or enable them if they are not.

Imagine, if you will, the front porch of the future. As you approach, motion sensors light up the front porch with beautiful, yet energy efficient, LED lighting in the form of rope lights or other forms of ambient lighting. As you approach the front door a lighted keypad welcomes you, with a call button that acts as a doorbell. Once you activate the call button, an intercom system allows you to communicate your identity and your business to the homeowner within. The homeowner tells you through the intercom system to come on in and deactivates the doorlocks with their smartphone without ever having to emerge from their easy chair.

The future has definitely infiltrated the home and porch, making our homes that much more beautiful and secure, yet simultaneously more energy efficient. Today is a wonderful and exciting time to be a homeowner. One can only imagine what new technologies will come to our front porch next.