New Delhi: Twinkle Khanna is the undisputed queen of match-ending one-liners and is an expert at hand-picking certain hilarious day-to-day happenings from the lives of the Kumars, glimpses of which are aplenty on Twitter. On Tuesday, Twinkle shared one such incident on social media when, in a rare case, she was trolled by husband Akshay Kumar. It appears Twinkle stepped out in a tee which spells out ‘Females Of The Future’ but her hoodie intervened, covering two essential alphabets and changing the quote all together in turn, something that pleased Akshay very, very much. “Mr K smirks as he says that thanks to my hoodie hiding the letters FE-my feminist t-shirt is now proclaiming ‘Males Of The Future’ #GoodGrief,” Twinkle tweeted along with a photograph of herself.

Twinkle, who is known for her typically hilarious comebacks, appears to have made truce with her fashion blooper of sorts this time. After all, between Akshay and Twinkle, it’s always the actress-turned-author and entrepreneur who gets to have the last laugh.