People all around the world perceive telemarketing services simply as the inside sales approach to pitch customers. But in reality, it is more than that. There are a number of other provisions that this call centre facility deals with. It is believed that telemarketing is a sub-branch of an outbound call centre. This facility is popular in the market due to its business-facilitating attributes such as round-the-clock availability, multilingual dialect, providing product information, inquiry handling and other relevant tasks. The expert agents efficiently aim at pitching the customers on call and taking care of their overall satisfaction. But the job doesn’t end here. There have been research works and proven records that the telemarketing domain also has other important roles to play. So, to understand in details, let us walk through the additional functions that an outbound contact domain executes in disguise.

Indirect lead generation

You may not know, but the excellent telemarketing services also revolve around customer acquisition as one of its major functions. By tracking the customer records and relevance to the services offered by the company, the operators approach the leads. After proper consideration and distinction of the database, they convert the most suitable prospects and then smoothly reach closure.Now, once the deal is sealed, they further work towards advertising more offers and discounts in order to retain the purchasers for a long-term relationship.

Organization of email campaigns

This is another area of expertise in which the outbound call centre agents are skilled. In case their purpose of hitting the targets is not solved on call, they switch to an exchange of emails with the consumers. It is the most convenient way to reach out to the buyers and maintain a regular and avant-garde mode of communication.

Product promotion via social media platforms

The telemarketing services involve the product promotion via different social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Quora, Instagram, Google+ and other platforms are renowned to catch the customer’s eye. Now, there are different ways to publicize a service extension to the general public through media. The blogs/ content writing with the help of SEO, PPC, Google ad-words, hyperlinks and action buttons are the best examples of marketing.

Web chats/ conferences

This is an advanced way of interaction between the two business ends. When appointment scheduling is not confirmed, this option seems the most feasible to communicate with a consumer. Since you do not need to relocate for this service, break the contact in between or invest extra finance, it saves money, time and other resources that are incurred by traveling or personal face-to-face meetings.

Freeing the inbound resources

The prime advantage of telemarketing services is that it almost reduces half of the burden faced by the inbound call centre representatives. You do not have to wait for the incoming calls as long as you are initiating on your own. So, this alternative smoothes the all-inclusive administrative tasks and generates the maximum output from the minimum input.