Wedding and wedding ceremonies are that exciting time just before the wedding when all your family and friends gather around together to celebrate all the special rituals and have a lot of fun. A lot of people like to keep the ceremonies a little simple and make the wedding and reception a big deal. Apart from hiring a good photographer, many other things are to be arranged. However, if you are someone who likes to be a little extra and create a buzz around all her wedding ceremonies, then be sure to follow the below tips –

Arrange a Luxury Tent for Outdoor Functions
These days, a lot of people hire luxury tents which can easily fit up to 200 people for outdoor functions and gatherings. If your wedding is inside a reception hall and you want a bit more of an outdoor experience, then you can purchase a luxury tent from any reputed luxury resort tents suppliers in the country. They usually deliver the tent, set it up and also dismantle it after the function is over. You won’t have to worry about a single thing regarding the setting up and the look of the tent. These suppliers usually have a book with sample photos to select the kind of tent you want based on the event such as reception, Arabian nights theme tent, Ganesha tent for Ganpati festivities and so on.

Do a DIY décor for the Mehendi ceremonies
These days, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, you can look up different types of DIY decorations for parties especially small mehendi ceremonies, sangeet and other functions for the wedding week. Everything from the lights, pillows, flowers and curtains can be completely done by you and your friends! This can be an exciting bonding activity for all your friends and close family members too. Don’t forget to click a lot of photos during this entire DIY process to capture all the fun moments!

Hire a famous musician for the after party
Why be basic with your wedding? Go that extra mile and hire a fancy musician who is well known in the city and has excellent beats to dance to! With a celebrity musician at your after party, you’ll definitely have all the buzz around your wedding ceremonies! You can also conduct the after party in the tent that you’ve hired from the luxury resort tents suppliers. These suppliers can also help you with a sound proof tent to ensure no sounds from outside get in and vice versa! An excellent musician/DJ is the perfect way to get people dancing at your wedding ceremonies!

Hire a Celebrity Makeup Artist
Apart from, if you want to go that extra mile for your wedding ceremonies, you can hire a celebrity makeup artist for your hair and makeup up throughout the wedding ceremony week! The celebrity makeup artist will definitely post photos from your wedding as well as of your makeup look on their social media pages. This will create some more buzz around your wedding and definitely have heads turning at your wedding functions!