Happiness is writing a book of memories. Human beings live by memories consciously or in a subliminal manner. People take help from the memories to rejuvenate our minds with positive energy. Scrapbook is a great way to record and play our memories. Scrapbooks allow us to preserve, arrange and present personal and family history in the form of a book, box or card and carry photographs, printed media and artwork.

Anniversary scrapbook albums are a real romantic affair. It would be a means to document your relationship in the best manner. You would be able to preserve your entire memories in a single album and gift to your better half. If you wish to excuse yourself from mundane gift routines, wedding anniversary scrapbook is the perfect choice, which is sure to get you a hug and a kiss.

Designing Anniversary Scrapbook

Designing and creating scrapbooks is a fun filled innovative activity that allows you to record and preserve your memories. However, it does require a careful planning to prepare a well-told narrative.

Deciding the theme – Determine what would describe your relationship the best. You could bond specific interests over a specific color scheme. It should represent your relationship in the best manner possible. You should design your personalized wedding scrapbook around a specific point of interest.

Prepare a list of stories and events to include in your album- You now have to think about the stories you want to tell and preserve. Write down brief descriptions or entire event. Go through your list and arrange these events in a chronological manner and decide how much content you wish to include in each story.

Identify photos and memorabilia. Be very selective in finalizing the photos and memorabilia and do not hesitate to take out anything irrelevant from your first anniversary scrapbook.

Select paper, embellishments and tools – Now you would need cardstock and (from glitters to stickers) and tools (paper trimmer, several pairs of scissors, adhesive tapes)

Pick up an album – Select a size based on your theme, the number of stories you want to tell, the amount of material you intend to use, and amount of decoration you wish to include.

Here are few ideas for you to make our first year together book an interesting affair:

  • Your kids, parents, friends can write a message telling you some of their interesting memories of you as a couple. Moreover, the same can be included in the anniversary scrapbook.
  • Allocate some pages to any great dates you have been together on. Put menus, movie tickets and pictures from regularly visited restaurants, concert tickets and playbills. You could add other significant things that you gathered during your dates and outings on one year anniversary scrapbook.
  • Place your pictures as a couple over the years with the mention of where you were then and what your life is like now.
  • You may enlist reasons why you love your spouse, or the most memorable events from the yesteryears.
  • Prepare a layout with one photo each of the years; you have been married in your 25th wedding anniversary scrapbook album. Put it in a timeline format; add details of each year, like where you lived at the time, what you were doing for work, and more.