Our Music Industry has evolved, transformed and renewed itself in dramatic ways, especially in the recent past. The growth of YouTube and other popular platforms like Soundcloud, Songdew, and Reverbnation has given the frustrated yet fiercely determined indie musicians startling opportunities, fandom and popularity they had been starving for. The Bollywood Movies are loved by the people in India so is the music. But no matter how hard the climb was, Indie musicians are gradually becoming successful in swaying the country to their heart full beats, fresh rhythm, and gorgeous melodies. Here is a list of top 10 artists who are going to prove 2018 an amazing year for Indie Music.

#1. Dot.

Aditi Dot is simply a musical prodigy. This 18-year-old Singer-Songwriter created a wave of ecstatic responses around the world with her soulful music. Here songs, especially “Everybody Dances to Techno” have that, cool, creative and charming vibe to itself. She is the daughter of “Papa Rock” – Late Amit Saigal who is the star of Indie Music community. Aditi Dot an astonishing number of followers for an indie musician at such a young age. Then again just lend your ears to her tracks and you’ll just know the why part.

#2. Kimochi Youkai

The youthful and fresh 5 member band based in Mumbai “Kimochi Youkai” has that amicable feeling to their songs. Their music feels fitting to our millennial ears. This Hip Hop, R & B and Jazz based band literally makes people and themselves feel good through their music.

#3. Prabh Deep

The gifted man who paints the deplorable stark reality of this country with his Rap is already a superstar within the online community. This Tilak Nagar based Hip-Hop musician is part of the Delhi based “Azadi Record Community”. His music videos have got the infectious energy which is what sticks through our minds. His works like Divine’s “Jungli Sher”, “Haq Hai”, “Asal Hustle” has earned him critical acclaim and massive fan-following across the country.

#4.  Aditi Ramesh

Though she may dress “low-key” and have a soft voice, nevertheless just grab an earphone and listen to her voice – I’m sure you’ll be surprised.  This 27 year old lawyer and musician has started her musical journey fairly recent, however the count of her YouTube subscribers and social media followers says it all about her talent. Recently her extended play “Autocorrect” has given her all the right kind of attention she needs as an Indie Musician.

#5. The Kush Upadhyay Group

The trio of exceptionally talented artists “Kush Upadhyay – Guitarist, Varoon Aiyer – Drummer, and Nathan Thomas- bassist” come together to create those classical originals which you can’t get enough off. They are a trio who met at a gig and since then they started working together. Their music is heavily inspired from Michael Landau, Jeff Beck, and Steve Gadd band. They are a blues/Rock band who is creating a fastest growing fan base around the country.

#6. Sun J

This New Delhi based sensation has rapidly broken records and rose to fandom with his mind-blowing narrative about life in the slums of Country capital. He is the star of Hip-Hop community and one of the most talented artists in the country. Their social media followers and Soundcloud singles speaks for themselves.

#7. Ape Echoes

This 2018, treat yourself to a palette of electronica, noise, Hip-hop, Prog-rock, funk and soul music with the most cherished Mumbai based band – Ape Echoes. Formerly known as Ape Machines this band released their debut EP last year. Their compelling tunes and innovative sounds have earned them quite a large fan-base on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud etc.

#8. The Revisit Project

Synonymous to the name of their band their songs are a modish and splendid recreation of the popular tracks of yesteryear. The six member band hails from Ramjas College –Delhi University, and has set out with the idea of recreating some of the classic hits of all times. They take inspiration from some of the musical stalwarts namely – Hemant Kumar, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, AR Rahman etc. Their first cover “Lag ja Gale” had created a huge buzz around the industry. Moreover, you just have to check out their latest single “Here we go” to get hooked onto their music n a jiffy!

#9. Tienas

Another band of the “Azadi Records” recording label this Mumbai based Hip-Hop band is another phenomenal band. Their band member – “FTS Elementaries” rap brilliant originals which’ll leave you transfixed. Their tracks along with their classic music videos like “Stars”, “Messed it up”, “Fake Adidas” has garnered celebratory responses all over the internet.

#10. Samar Mehdi

“Superb”, “Brilliant” and “incredible” are the only response you can express after you check out their music videos. The lyrics, videos, and the melodies are simply stunning. In spite of little to no investment in marketing or PR strategies this Bhopal based indie musician receives more than 20K views in each of his songs.

Hence these were some of the names of the incessant mushrooming of incredible indie artists across the country. These talented artists and their inspiring stories make up for the matchless playlist for you in the year 2018. Their mellifluous latest records, maddening fandom and rapid rate of Indie MP3 song download clearly radiates the bright future of the Indie Musicians in our country. All in all these artists are a proof that this year is undoubtedly an excellent year for Indie Music.