Top Basketball Bloggers


Blogging has become the cornerstone of websites due the enormous amount of benefits it brings. Blogs make a website look like an expert on a topic, improve search engine optimization, make it easier to share on social media platforms, and much more. For this reason, most websites are planning their blogging sections out before they even select their WordPress hosting company.

No matter what the topic is, a blog exists for it and in most cases, there are multiple blogs to follow. This makes it challenging to find the best blogs to follow because the competition is so strong. But fear not, here are some of the top basketball bloggers to follow.

NYTimes Pro Basketball Section

The NYTimes is one of the most respected publications in the industry and for good reason. They have detailed coverage for just about everything and if you are fan of basketball, you will not be disappointed.  This is hands down the best place to get the latest news on the NBA and college basketball. If you are looking for high quality content to read every day, the NYTimes has you covered.

Inside Hoops

Are you looking for daily news updates about the NBA and college basketball? Than look nor further than Inside Hoops. This blog covers everything from injury reports, player trades, after game reports and everything in between. If you live and breathe basketball, this is your one stop shop for everything basketball.


Are you a hardcore Celtics fan? If so, then the Celticblog is the best place to be. Get daily updates on the most successful basketball team in the NBA. This blog covers both on court and off court news about your favorite Celtic players. This is by far the best way to keep up with Celtic news, perfect for the diehard Celtic fan.

Hoop Hall

Are you as interested in historical basketball as you are in current news? The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’s blog is the perfect place to find all the basketball history you need. This include full biographies about every player admitted into the hall of fame and new ones are added for each new class of hall of famers. If you want to learn about the legends of the sport, look no further than Hoop Hall.

Hoop Doctors

The Hoop Doctors blog has one of the best website designs on the list making navigation a breeze. What really sets it apart from the rest is the video content they have available in some of their blogs. The discussions seen in the videos are very engaging as is the rest of their content. If you are looking for general news on the NBA and college basketball, it is here.

Basketball Insiders

Do you love guessing who will be traded in both the NBA and college basketball? The Basketball Insiders love that too! This blog is dedicated to every rumor involved in basketball. They not only examine how realistic it is, but also have very sound reasoning to back up their opinions. If you can’t get enough information about trade rumors, this is the blog to read.

Breakthrough Basketball

Are you interested in how professional players train? Breakthrough Basketball shares the drills that the pros use to keep their skill sharp. Not only do they cover drills, but they also cover all of the latest news available in the world of basketball.

There is A Blog for Everything

No matter what topic or sport you are into, there are plenty of blogs to choose from. Anyone can start a blog by signing up with a WordPress hosting company to start a website. Thanks to this, thousands upon thousands of blogs exist that cover every topic you can think of and plenty that you can’t. Not every blog is created by one person, many companies heavily invest into marketing teams to write the best blogs possible.

Always check with official sources because the odds are they have a blog for you to follow.


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