Children’s parties are not that simple. There are tons of things to prepare from the food to the location and even to the party itself. For a children’s party to be successful, it must have a good entertainment. It can get hard to handle twenty kids and having an entertainer to get their attention may help. Though it’s tempting to just bust out your kid’s video games and have his or her friends play it, children still prefer traditional games and parties. Hiring a kids party entertainer can be the best idea. Not sure on who to hire? Below are some fun example of a kids party entertainer who can add fun to your child’s exciting party.

Balloon meddlers

Every kid loves balloons especially if it’s shaped into their favourite animals. Balloon meddlers are the perfect entertainers for balloon related fun. Kids can take home a balloon in any shape from animals, monsters, fruits, or even pirates. The balloon meddler might even teach the kids some of his or her ways on the balloon.

Face painters

Your kid’s children’s party photos will look so fun thanks to those cool face paints on the guests. Face painters can transform any kid into a creature that they want – thanks to their trusty art skills. Professional face painters use hypoallergenic materials to ensure the kids’ safety so you no longer have to worry.

Mime artists

Another sure attraction re fun and friendly mime artists. They can put on a fun slapstick comedy show ala Mr. Bean for your beloved VIPs. Pure fun all along!


No kid will ever forget those exciting and marvellous acts pulled by famous magicians! Hiring a magician will surely get any kid’s attention. Conjuring awesome magic tricks will add wonder to the party. It’s also a plus when the magician that you hire has a good sense of humor that can put smiles on your guests’ faces.

Comedy jugglers

Entertaining and amazing, comedy juggles can wow your young guests with their tricks and laugh out loud antics. These professionals can jungle anything – even a small child! Those astonishing acts will make your kid’s party the talk of the town right after it.

Actors in costumes

Hiring actors in costumes of your kid’s favourite fictional characters can also be a hit. Imagine Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, or Iron Man walking in on your kid’s party. It will surely surprise the guests and thrill every children or those kids at heart. Give your guests a fun photo memorabilia to help them reminisce those fun moments they had with their favorites.


Of course clowns are classic children’s party entertainers. They are classic because they can do almost everything and that they are incredibly funny. Just make sure that the makeup of your hired clowns will not resemble those of It’s or it can become a disaster.

Science and fun

If your kid and his or her friends are all about science and learning, then a science themed party with great expert explainers can do the trick. Imagine your guests trying to combine fun and safety chemicals together and learning new stuff. It’s a win win situation

Mobile petting

Create a fun and learning atmosphere at the party by hiring a mobile petting entertainer. With wild animals in tow, your guests will surely have a bomb time trying to pet these amazing animals and of course learning fun facts about them. You can surely expect that these kids will have an awesome time with their new wild friends. The fun photos after the party will surely be worth the wait too.