Traffic rules have been set for the people to follow, unless and until they are not following it, it would create a complete havoc on the roads. People will be able to drive their vehicles on the roads or streets in the cities, only if there is a smooth flow of traffic. It is an essential part when we consider the transit system, without it, it is practically not possible for the people to be able to have a normal traffic.

There are traffic signals set up on the roads for the people to follow and abide by the rules. Most of the cities have traffic signals in and around the major locations where we can find heavy traffic, a lot of different kinds of vehicles strolling around. The signals have been designed major locations of the cities in different states.

It is essential that the person who is driving their vehicle is following the rules. If there are any possibilities where a person might jump a particular signal, there are chances it would end up as an accident and there will dire consequences. One of the undeniable facts that human errors do keep happening while they are driving and it has become a common fact.

Uber has been providing a great service to the people at affordable prices and their complete comfort. The company has improvised the ways in which it has been providing the services to its customers. It has come a long way since it has started its business back in 2009. Now the service is made available throughout the world in 90 different countries and people are happy with the service.

In the recent times, there have been many speculations made against the company for the work culture which has been followed at Uber. It is evident that they have been testing their self-driven cars in the home base San Francisco. The DMV requested Uber to have a permit to test the self-driven cars on the streets where the public are walking around.

The organization denied getting a permit, as it stated that there are drivers behind the wheels to take over if at all the sensors on the vehicles are unable to receive the signals properly. Eventually, DMV asked Uber to stop testing the cars and the registrations for those vehicles were revoked.  Unfortunately, the pilot program for the self-driving had to be curbed due to the regulators.

On a later note, Uber did acknowledge and went to get a 150 dollar permit to test the autonomous cars from the DMV. Meanwhile, when the vehicles were not testing in San Francisco, they were shipped to Arizona, where the regulations were different and the cars were tested and mapped around the city. After getting a permit to test the self-driven cars, Uber decided to bring back the cars to its home base and start testing.

It is said that in the past, there was an exchange of emails made between DMV and Uber. In the mail, the ride-hailing company was been requested repeatedly to sign up for the permit for autonomous car testing by the state. DMV even offered to make it happen faster for them, so it gets done within no time. The regulators were willing to help Uber out with this and get the permit for it as soon as possible.

If Uber had managed to get the permit, right at the moment when everything was offered to it. They would have tested the vehicles and mapped the city long ago and by now, it would have had its riders riding in its self-driven cars. As a matter of fact, they have lost a lot of time, as they were not willing to get a permit. The officials thought that it was not a necessity for them to get a permit to test the self-driven cars.

The vice president of Uber, Anthony Levandowski stated in the mail that, they were not pursuing the test of the self-driven as being mentioned in the legal definition which is provided for the autonomous vehicle technology. It is said that the assistant director deputy for DMV stated that Uber had decided that their self-driven cars were not autonomous, as for them it is considered as autonomous and it is indeed and autonomous car.

There was a lawsuit filed against Uber by Google’s self-driving start up Waymo, stating that Uber was using the technology which has been applied in its vehicle. Levandowski is the former engineer of Google’s has been scrutinized for applying the tactics before he started up with the self-driving truck company Otto, which was acquired by Uber for around 680 million dollars. Google wants Uber to be stopped with the testing phase of the pilot program for its self-driving cars.

On the flip side, there has been a question rose on why would Uber actually test its self-driven cars if it was under the violation of the law and the regulations which have been put forth by the regulators of DMV. There is another fact where the self-driven cars had to be handled by the drivers behind the wheels when it got disengaged and started to go out of control.

 Recently there was a video published in which the self-driven car of Uber which has been tested on the streets of San Francisco violated the traffic rules. There is a speculation been made against the company where the self-driven cars jumped the traffic red light and it is said that it is the system fault and the human behind the wheel was not at fault.

It is said that handling the red lights seemed to be the most outstanding flaw in the system of the technology used in the cars. There is a reasoning as well that the cars are unable to actually able to safely navigate through the different lanes on the roads which have been specifically designed for the vehicles to go, as it helps the traffic to go with ease.

The main reason for revoking the self-driven cars on the roads is due to their inability to be able to function properly. If the self-driven cars are unable to work properly with the signals which it is receiving and sensing the surroundings with the sensors which are mounted, then there is no use of having them tested. The regulators do not want any kind of accidents occurring and having the people’s live at stake.

Uber has been making efforts to be able to actually get things together and tie the loose ends together as well. The company has been undergoing too many speculations in the recent times. It started with the DMV asking the company to sign up for the autonomous vehicle testing permit, then came a report from a former employee for the unhealthy work culture being followed.

Soon after this, two of the most prominent senior officials decide to quit their job. Kalanick had an altercation with one of the drivers which were not expected. Later on, a video was released which showed Kalanick apologized for the altercation and he stated that he lost his temper and happened to react in the spur of the moment.

The list of speculations against Uber doesn’t seem to end and with this new issue with the self-driving, it is going to be even harder in the coming days for the company. It is not for the first time that they are going through hardships they have gone through many and it is just another phase which they will pass and will for sure make it better and bigger.

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