Dandruff is something which mainly happens due to bacteria or fungus formation on the scalp. Though they are harmless, they show up to be pretty embarrassing.

To remove dandruffs, one needs to use proper anti dandruff shampoos. Before buying them, one also needs to know the ketomac shampoo benefits so that they can use them properly.

Fight dandruff with a dash of lemon Juice

This juice has a lot of antiseptic properties and it is very useful when one thinks of tackling dandruff. One can also treat the itchiness of a scalp by rubbing lemon juice thoroughly all over the scalp. One can also apply a mixture of lemon juice and cold yogurt on the scalp to get good results. Do not forget to rinse it off well with a shampoo.

Go for hot oil treatment

Oil is also very crucial for hair treatment and dandruff problems, as they have a lot of nutrients and minerals. Olive oil is the best for damaged and rough hair.  Warm half a cup of olive oil and then apply it thoroughly on your hair. Wrap it with a towel and keep it for an hour. Then wash it away with a shampoo. Do not forget to use conditioner after the shampoo is done. Let your hair dry naturally after that. But if you have oily scalp then this might not be a good solution for you. This can be an amazing solution for dandruff if you have dry scalp. You just need to squeeze half a lemon to it to get better results.

Remove dandruff with Aloe Vera gel

One can prepare the aloe Vera gel by easily cutting a few leaves of aloe Vera and using a sharp spoon to take the gel out. Store the gel in a cup. Then mix this aloe Vera gel with the shampoo that you use daily. Shampoo it on a daily basis to remove the excess oil from your scalp. One can also add this aloe Vera gel to the lemon juice instead of mixing it with the shampoo. Apply it on the scalp and leave for a few minutes before washing them away with the shampoo.

The regular thing that one needs to do is to follow a proper a hair care regime. One needs to wash their hair at least twice a week. If you hair gets drenched in rain by chance then the first thing that you need to do is to wash your hair and well and condition it once you come back home. This will help you to get rid of all the dirt and polluted water which can cause scalp infections. One can use a good shampoo for dandruff if they want to get rid of dandruffs. After washing your hair always towel dry them and stop using blow dryers in this season. Make sure that your scalp goes dry naturally.

Remember, not to comb wet hair as it will make more hair fall than usual because the hair strands remain loose after wash. Comb them when they are dried properly.