Investment banking is definitely amongst the most lucrative fields that offer six-figure salary even in an entry-level role. The senior professional normally earns millions of dollars yearly. But to build a career in the landscape of investment banking, there is an extensive process which needs a combination of excellent education, rich experience, vast network, and finally a stroke of luck to make it into the world of investment banking.

The investment banker works with big corporations and governing bodies to raise capital in order to fund their operation. They also provide the necessary assistance to find buyers for their bonds or stocks to meet the organizational requirements. Additionally, the investment banker also helps in their public offerings, mergers, and acquisitions.

Here’s how to reach the top:

  • First things first, a degree in finance or economics is just the pre-requisite for the entry-level role at an investment bank. While it is possible for the liberal arts major to get jobs in investment banking, but sticking to the conventional programs which are aligned with the career is a much better decision. The other most common educational backgrounds such as accounting and business are also accepted. Look for prestigious investment banking classes for the professionals which enable you to learn the basics of investment banking.
  • You must know that the top investment banking firms recruit only from the very best universities and colleges globally. The investment bankers are often recruited straight from Ivy League schools. Now the question is– is it still possible to land a job if you went to a less prestigious college? It is possible, but you may need a stroke of luck and extra hard work to make it through. Although putting yourself in prestigious school can increase the chances of getting noticed by the top firms to build your career in investment banking. Always stay at top of your investment banking classes because it will help you to capture the attention of the hiring managers and this is extremely important.
  • The next step is to obtain an internship at the investment bank firm as it provides a way for you to get a full-time offer. This is a great opportunity to know everything about the field and trying out the desired field which is important to gain exposure in the field. To jump-start your career, it’s crucial to nail down an internship.
  • After landing a job with your college degree, it is time to have an advanced degree to flourish your career even more. For example, a master’s degree in business administration from a premier b-school can improve your prospects even more. The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program can certainly add to your appeal if you want a bright career in investment banking. Look for more investment banking classes to build that expertise.
  • Gain expertise in networking skill as you’ll be spending most of your time selling you’re your career in investment banking, you’ll be handling all the mergers and acquisitions of giant corporations and private companies, so it’s important to network intensively. Use every opportunity you get to make your first deal. Mix with people and build rapport to have a good impression. Investment banking is one the most competitive industries in the world and most of the professionals are always looking for ways to have that powerful impression.