Wedding: Wedding is a combination of two souls together in one. There are so many different types of the wedding that occur in India. If anyone is searching for a bride and groom he or she can take help from Punjabi matrimonial services, Muslim matrimonial sites as because he or she will help them properly in having the perfect suited bride and groom. Therefore, Christian wedding and Muslim wedding are the shortest weddings with a limited number of rituals.

The different types of pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals that occur in Muslim wedding are mentioned below as follows:

Pre-wedding rituals: The rituals that occur before the wedding are called pre-wedding rituals.

  1. Practices
    1. This is the first important ritual that occurs at a Muslim wedding. This is a ritual in which the couples sign a direct contract with Allah.
    1. This is the first step in which the marriage is fixed and both the couples are gifted so many different things.
    1. This ritual is the most important ritual that occurs in Muslim wedding. Af6ter this ritual Meher takes place.
  • Meher:
    • This is a ritual in which Muslim prayers are done to announce that the marriage is fixed.
    • All the family members, friends, and relatives of the bride and groom gift them so many clothes, jewelry, money etc.
    • Nowadays, the engagement ceremony also takes place after this ritual in Muslim wedding also.
    • Engagement, this is a ritual in which both the bride and groom exchange their rings and tell the friends and relatives that soon they are going to be married.

After, all these rituals Nikkha take place. Nikkha, the Muslim wedding is known as Nikkha.


  1. In olden days, Nikkha was held at the bride’s house but in today’s time, it usually occurs at marriage halls.
  2. In Nikkha, both the bride and groom sit in front of each other a curtain is held between them that they do not see each other’s face.
  3. The Kazi asks the bride and groom Qabul hai three times. If they say yes the Nikkha is said to be completed.
  4. After that, both the bride and groom can see each other face. This is how Nikkha takes place.

After Nikkha, there are two post-wedding rituals that occur at a Muslim wedding. The post-wedding rituals or the rituals that take place after the wedding ceremony are mentioned below with a brief description:

1. Vows and Blessings

  1. This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom take blessings from all the elder members of the family.
  2. All the friends, family and relatives gift the bride and groom money, jewelry, clothes, accessories etc.
  3. After this ritual, the bride is sent to the groom’s house in a well-decorated car and she is welcomed by her in-laws.

2. Reception

  1. After vows and blessings, a reception party takes place in which all the friends and relatives of the groom are invited.

This is how a Muslim wedding is done. People can take help from matrimonial services in NCR to find perfect bride and grooms according to their choice.