What To Avoid When Transferring a Website


Selecting a web hosting company is difficult and you may not get it right on the first try. In that case, you will need to transfer a website to another web host. Thankfully, the process of transferring websites has gotten much easier on most platforms.

However, there are still some things you will need to avoid when transferring a website. If you are not careful you can make the processbecome a very big headache that can keep your website offline for some time. Here are some tips on what to avoid when transferring a website.

Don’t Transfer Without A Plan

The biggest mistake you can make is transferring without a proper plan. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to switch, but it is important to create a clear reason why you are switching and what you are looking for in your next web hosting company. Without keeping this in mind, you are likely to make the same mistake when you transfer a website.

For example, is your web hosting company not giving you the uptime you were promised? Is the support you receive unhelpful? Did you initially pick a shared hosting package and want to change to a VPS? There are plenty of reasons why you may want to switch, but you need a clear plan on what you want from your next web hosting provider.

Don’t Pick A Brand-New Web Hosting Company

While this is a good option when you are starting out because the prices are typically cheaper, it isn’t as your website grows. Most new web hosting companies are incapable of keeping up with large website growth. This can seriously impact your website as it grows. Instead, it is best to pick an established brand with good reviews.

Not only will an established brand be able to handle your website’s growth, but they will also have the experience to back it up. The difference between a bad web host and a good web host is night and day. Server maintenance is fast, downtime is rare, and the support they offer has had years of polish. If you are serious about running a website, switching to an established web hosting brand is essential.

Are You Selecting A Shared Hosting Package or VPS

While it is perfectly normal to select a shared hosting package when starting out, it is not normal to remain on a shared package. Shared hosting packages are cheaper than having a private server, but they come at a cost. Your website’s SEO can be seriously impacted if someone you are sharing with is releasing malicious content to unaware users.

This is not a problem when you are selecting a VPS. It is a private server that only you will use, but it does cost more to use. If you are past the start up process, it is most likely time to switch to a VPS and it is a good idea to do so when transferring.

What Price Is Right For You

Running a website is a business and you need to make sure you can afford it. While most website will lose money at the beginning, being price conscious is critical to success. That sentiment is even more important when transferring a website. Your website has already been online and you know what to expect in terms of revenue

Use this knowledge to make the best decision possible. Another important factor is the transfer rate vs the renewal rate. These numbers may be different depending on the web host. It is common to get lower monthly rates for a period after transferring. Make sure to find out exact values before agreeing to switch.

Is A Green Option Right For You

Climate change concerns are a hot topic and there is a green alternative for just about anything. Web hosting is no different. There are multiple green web hosts available that offer competitive prices and the same services. However, the main difference is how much of a carbon foot print your website will leave behind.

If your website is focused on environmental topics, selecting a green web host is best choice.

Satisfaction is the Most Important Factor

Being happy and fully satisfied with your web host is the most important factor in determining if you made the correct selection. Your web host exists to maintain the server that your visitors access to reach your website. When something goes wrong, they should be able to help you quickly resolve the problem.

There are multiple factors like security, uptime guarantees, support, price, and many other factors to consider when transferring a website. It is extremely similar to selecting your web host to begin with, but you have more information available about your website. This information is the key difference between selecting a web host for the first time and transferring. You know how much traffic your website has, what features it uses, and upcoming changes.

Remember, there is a lot of competition in the web hosting industry and transferring your website is always an option.


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