The Tea Horse Road is the longest route of trade in the Ancient World, China. The route served leaders of the pack-trains carrying tea to the high plateau of Tibet from the Burmese border. Now, Tea Horse Road is a series of assets that have been located in some of the most magnificent settings. If you embark on tea horse road package, here is what to expect from a five-day tour as you spend your nights in the luxury hotels in China.

Day One

On the arrival day, get to Dayan which is known to be the ancient center of Lijiang. Here you can get to sip the cup of tea that made Lijiang a major trading post; you can take a guided walk through the town and get to learn more about the 800-year-old town and its culture. One can start with Sifang which is at the corner and climb 2,400 meters to the winding stone steps where you will get to admire the beautiful city. From there, one can cross small canals that form part of the hydraulic system used in Dayan.

Day Two

Start the day by taking a walk to the southern part of Zhonghe which is one of the waterways found in Dayan. One will pass the willow trees and footbridge of exquisite stones. The town is known to have 350 of these fine stones all with an excellent variety. Walking through this town, one will find the Naxi well which is also known as the three eyed. The well is fed by the water system from the Town with three tires that are descending, the upper part of the pool is used for drinking water, the middle part for washing vegetables and the losers for cooking and washing utensils. End the day by going to the temple where you will be taught about the old hieroglyphic script which only lives a pictographic language.

Day Three

As you leave your room in the luxury hotels in China on this day, you can take the road to Shangri-La, Napahai Wetlands, and Benzilan. While on this path, enjoy the mountain gorges, Highland passes, and shift in culture. Guests will also get to explore the Yangtse River that moves from Jinsha to Tiger Gorge, and then it cuts 3,000 meters of a deep canyon. Tourist gets to see Mt. Haba that towers over Tiger Leaping Gorge. The road will take the tourist to Tibetan where they build houses that have lintel decorations and intricate windows. Guests can also get to see Guishan temple and the large Tibetan prayer wheel.

Day Four

Day four will see you visit the Dong Zhu Lin Monastery and Shui Bian The valley. On the fourth day, one can drive to Dong Zhulin which is the heart monastery of Gelugpa. This is a small community that is religious. Here one will find monks chanting their prayers, and after the prayers, one can take a tour of the temple. Monks in this area are friendly and are always willing to explain their religion to those who are willing to listen. Learning about the faith is exciting, you can take a walk around the town and interact with the people.

Day Five

On the final day of the tour, one can visit the Balage Zong Canyon and Nixi Black Pottery. Balgezong Canyon is mountainous, and one can choose to mountain climb. After climbing, there is a cliff wall that is high over the river that people can explore using boats. In the afternoon one can get to the Luo Sang Enzhu who is known to be a master of black pottery. You will get to learn about this art and how it is done.